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    FINALLY! - Citi launching Citi Prestige with Visa Infinite

    When I applied a couple of years ago I had just had a couple of really big months at work. Payslips all indicated I was heading towards about 155K for the financial year. They take the two most recent ones and approved me no worries.
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    Diners club companion card

    Yea me too :-)
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    Diners club companion card

    It’s free, so why not. I already have the Prestige, requested a diners companion through online banking tonight. Just in time for my holiday to the U.S. in early Sept. the normal foreign fee of 3.4% on the Prestige is hard to stomach. Will be nice to get some sort of points and not pay a foreign...
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    SPG transfers after Marriott merger

    Fair enough. I think I saw the American and Canadian diners club members can already transfer points to Marriott, so hopefully here they follow suit (at a more favourable rate than AMEX!) *fingers crossed* anyway.
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    St Regis Melbourne...

    I've only stayed at the one in San Francisco. Love the idea of the butler service, but the other half and I were a bit too intimidated to use them! WA country folk ay..... Every single staff member at the property was extremely friendly, always smiling and nothing was ever too much hassle. The...
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    AMEX Platinum Edge 50k MR points for $195 / $200 Travel credit (link)

    Nice find! The Champagne mile had this same offer a couple of months ago.
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    Bonus MR Points for Supplementary Card Member August 2018

    I did this accidentally on the 30th of July. Just noticed a nice little surprise in my MR balance. This wasn’t even for a supp. card but rather an additional card for myself on my charge account. Happy days :-)
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    SPG transfers after Marriott merger

    Thanks for the info! I’m looking really forward to your update. The AMEX to SPG/Marriott devaluation was such a kick in the guts it would be nice to see Diners maintain some sort of parity with their current rate. Could even sway me to apply for an account! :-)
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    SPG transfers after Marriott merger

    Anyone have any news on whether Diners Club will offer some sort of Marriott option after the merger completes with SPG in August?
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    New York to Perth First week of Sept 2018

    Have you considered different departure points out of the U.S.? SQ has availability from Houston to Perth in J on the 5th of September. UA has a few direct flights from LGA to IAH and if you can slum it in Y for this leg you can tack it on to the SQ redemption for an extra 7k Kris miles.
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    Amex "I'm going to cancel my card" - bonus points given thread.

    Called up today trying for some cheeky retention points. Never once mentioned I was going to cancel my Plat Charge only that I was wondering if I was due for any retention points since I have been lucky enough to get some in the past. The operator went through the speech about all the great...
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    AMEX Platinum Edge 50,000 bonus signup by 31/05/18

    Just came across this one, much larger than the usual signup bonus. I feel like if you are on this forum and don't have the Edge card yet, you might not be doing things quite right.....Regardless, for those who still haven't taken the AMEX plunge this is a great offer. Exclusive AMEX Platinum...
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    Diners and Paypal

    Anyone know if Diners started to care about this PayPal issue yet?
  14. M

    35% Discount on Starpoint Purchases until end of December

    Woke up this morning to an email from SPG promoting another round of discounted starpoint purchases. Buy and Gift Points | SPG Could be of interest to those wanting to redeem a cheaper night in one of their more expensive properties or looking to make up a FF balance.
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    FINALLY! - Citi launching Citi Prestige with Visa Infinite

    Yea I got a half annual fee discount just last week.
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    Quick question - new to SPG

    Again, the call centre are brilliant. I was in the U.S. for five weeks earlier in the year and had three bookings made that were worth about 300,000 star points. They made and confirmed them all for me over the phone without a single point in my account and said I had seven days to transfer the...
  17. M

    Quick question - new to SPG

    Ahh....Lucky to be points rich :-) Enjoy!
  18. M

    Quick question - new to SPG

    Generally the SPG website only lists the most basic rooms available for points redemption. If you call them up they are more than happy to allow you to use your points to book suites so long as they are available for redemption (this will not be shown on the SPG website, only the phone...
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    AMEX Life Insurance - 20k pt Bonus

    Five policies over five primary accounts between the other half and I. All policies were for different people in my immediate family. 100,000 points landed this morning after charges went from pending to confirmed. Makes for a very happy point collector
  20. M

    Family Transfer of Points

    SPG are pretty good in my experience. I am sure if you just call them and keep them apprised of the situation they won't let your booking go :-) Some of my household transfers have taken a full 5 to 7 days.