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Search results

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    What is the ONE thing that QF could do to get you back in the air more regularly post COVID-19?

    At the risk of being preemptive, I was chatting with a colleague earlier today about what life might look like AFTER we get through COVID-19. I know we are mainly focusing on just getting through the outbreak, and maybe we are optimistic in thinking of QF surviving (could they really close?)...
  2. M

    QF2 departing LHR 4 March - why 13 hour layover in SIN?

    OK, so it has been a totally crap day at the end of a crap trip to Europe cut short when a conference which was the main purpose of the trip got cancelled two days ago. Arrived early at LHR, 1300, because I've just got to get some work done on an urgent matter before being stuck for a day on a...
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    What I REALLY want for my birthday QFF ...

    So yes, my birthday is in March so I have just received a QFF email - Your birthday month is finally here, so we've got some special offers to help you stretch out the celebrations. Enjoy and have a happy birthday! Which then proceeds to offer my a $30 hotel voucher, $25 wine voucher or 10%...
  4. M

    QF A380 Refurbishment - RIP the wonderful economy 'mini-cabin'

    With the newly reconfigured QF A380s to come back into service from September,Qantas Will Revamp Biz Cabin in Refurbishment of A380 Fleet, is anybody else going to miss the little economy 'mini-cabin' at the rear of the upper deck? For those of us travelling on our own $$ or not having work pay...
  5. M

    What to do (if anything) about PAX using mobiles in flight?

    I'm not sure if others have noticed this but I'm increasingly seeing other passengers using phones in flight. I'm not talking playing games or streaming the Q-streaming - but constantly sending and receiving SMS messages. Most recently the other day the person sitting next to me had two...
  6. M

    Any couples where both people are Platinum One?

    I was chatting to a friend recently who is Platinum in their own right (not because of P1 of partner) and has a partner who is Platinum One. We were musing about whether there would be couples where both people are Platinum One in their own right. Figuring there may be people here in that...