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Search results

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    Hyatt Canberra closes Ambassador (Club) Lounge permanently.

    For any Hyatt Globalists in Australia - sad to say Hyatt Canberra has decided to close its Ambassador (Club) Lounge permanently. They are currently offering a 10% discount on F&B instead.
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    VA Running low on Cash?

    Re: QANTAS's domestic sale(s) Current "Australia-Wide" sale has some great Flexi fares on sale - considerably undercutting VA flexis on PER routes... interesting !
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    New QF domestic codeshares (regional NSW + BNE)

    Just noticed this - family in Orange will be very pleased indeed QF Club in TMW will get a bigger workout but noticed there are restrictions on baggage: Qantas to codeshare on Brindabella Airlines Qantas today announced it will codeshare on selected Brindabella Airlines services from 1...
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    Almost had enough. Is VA flight service sliding?

    Yet another poor flight today in Y (PER-DRW)- they had the wrong passenger list for business / plat / gold and so gave away all the flexi meals before they realised and I asked for one. They then argued with me that I was not on a flexi fare as I wasn't on the list or did I change seat...
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    What can the Staff see on Check-in?

    Re: How do Hilton treat you as an Elite? Since the demise of the Adelaide Hyatt, I have stayed at Hilton Adelaide about 15+ times (including 2 weeks ago) - NEVER had any problems... either with rooms, upgrades or recognition. They even remember to get my bedding preference (ie a topsheet)...
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    Hyatt Gold Passport Private Online Community

    Any AFFers get an invite - got mine last week and was accepted as a member. The forum (obviously) has mostly US members - are than any other AFFers out there who have been invited? Or am I the token Aussie?
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    QF flight OOL-PER 20 Feb

    Noticed QF1211 (B767) OOL-PER on Feb 20th departing 0820 - full Y and J seats bookable on-line. After some research the flight appears to starts from BNE (listed in QF's online timetable) from BNE-0655-0720 -flight time 25min! ...sadly this sector does not seem to be bookable online - but...
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    QF 6713 T2 today

    Hi everyone, out of interest is someone about to shed some light on QF 6713 that flew of out Syd T2 this afternoon (15:35) to MQL? I noticed it whilst I was waiting for my flight with Rex to TRO, which was so disorganised (opps we bussed you to the wrong plane...opps we didn't put in enough...
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    Hyatt Auckland to be no more

    Wellington Dominion 20 Dec 2010: With Adelaide gone and now Auckland, Hyatt is starting to get a little thin on the ground for those of us who travel mainly around AU/NZ
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    2400SC bonus - what next?

    Hi everyone, I received my 2,400SC 50,000 QFF point bonus today - after protracted correspondence with Qantas over my current partner who is down as partner gold - but he is platinum as well (and has been for the last 18 months)! Finally sense prevailed.:o I currently have 3550SC and will...
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    QF flight to BHQ today (14/9)

    Whilst sitting in T3 this morning waiting for the flight to CBR - I noticed the departure screen stating: QF2299 PKE / BHQ Anyone know about this flight? It's been bugging me all day!:) cheers
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    CP Darling Harbour & CP Parramatta to leave ICH - now Parkroyal? ...."The Parkroyal brand will return to Australia later this year as Singapore-based Pan Pacific Hotel Group (PPHG) yesterday signalled its intention to aggressively grow its presence in the local market...
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    Lounge access conuntrum - LHR

    Hi everyone, I am flying to Gothenburg with Qantas in a few months however I am concerned that I will be stuck outside without lounge access in T3 at LHR waiting for the connection. The connecting flight is with SAS (which is bookable with the Syd-LHR flight on the Qantas website but is not...
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    Lots of Qantas Flights - Year in Review

    Hi everyone Just thought I'd share my travel with Qantas (& OW) this (QFF) year: QANTAS FLIGHTS SYD - ADL x 4 SYD - CAN x 32 CAN - SYD x 34 PER - ADL x 5 ADL - CAN x 5 SYD - PER x 4 SYD - MEL x 2 SYD - PQQ PER - SYD x 2 HOB - MEL MEL - CAN x 6 MEL - HOB SYD - WEL WEL - SYD ADL - MEL x 4...
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    Brief Trip Report - OW RTW J Class

    Hi everyone, Just returned from another of my weird and wonderful OW RTW trips, this time in J class. :D If there are any requests for more general comments or of specific flights/lounges/hotels etc - will be more than happy to detail further. I'm stuck in Canberra 3 days every week so I...
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    Pre-trip report - have I done too much?

    Hi fellow FFers, I am heading off an a OneWorld trip next week (my first J class trip o/s!). It has only occurred to me that I may have got carried away with using all the flight segments (planned via the OW do it yourself planner...). If anyone has any tips on how to handle this please let...