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Search results

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    Answered Interlining and Ticketing QF/QR Perth-Singapore-Munich

    Howdy All, Heading to Munich (and onwards) in December. Have managed to snag 4 x J seats (Currently showing Qsuites yay!) on QR/QF via Singapore & Doha. First Leg is QF up to Singapore connecting to QR onward to Doha and then QR again onto Munich. These are all on the one PNR so bags and...
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    Singapore with kids

    We went in January this year with our kids 12/9/7. Universal Studios is great, but don't torture yourself by dragging them around the whole park trying to get it all done in a day. A 1 day pass for 1x Adult and 2 x Kids with Express pass (you want the express pass, trust me) $437 is more than...
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    Latest Scams in Europe 2018 please

    Ya, I think you're spot on, more of a rort/gouge than a Scam. I'm sure it happens elsewhere too, it's only that the guys standing there alerted me to it by wanting his $1, otherwise i'd be none the wiser :)... It's a lot of $1 to pay for an espresso in Milan!!
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    Latest Scams in Europe 2018 please

    Not so much a scam, but at the Milan Central Train Station the ticket machines for the Automatic Airport Train charge $1 Euro extra when you choose the english translation rather then proceed with the Italian. The scam, or not so scam, is that often a bloke, who looks fairly "official", will be...
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    Hi from Perth

    Hi AFF, I've been lurking here for almost 3 years and after much help from the fourm I thought I'd finally say G'day and start contributing. Both myself and my wife are VA WP and I'm also SG with Qantas. I fly Perth to Canberra in J almost every 4 weeks and at least once every 8 weeks to...