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Search results

  1. Qantas747

    Qantas 747 joy flight out of Sydney

    Wow, looks like a great day. Did you get to take the safety cards home too?
  2. Qantas747

    Qantas 747 joy flight out of Brisbane

    Great thanks, have had a look. Looks like we'll probably get an email tomorrow about it with more details. Thank you! We'll see what happens with the email. This is my first time at an event too, looking forward to meeting people - people on here have been really nice! Your breakfast plan...
  3. Qantas747

    Qantas 747 joy flight out of Brisbane

    For those of us in Economy, which lounge will we have access to? As a Qantas Gold, I usually get access to the Qantas Club lounge, but read that if this lounge is closed passengers will be directed to the Business lounge (as happened to me in Sydney in March). Do we know if there is a special...
  4. Qantas747

    Qantas 747 joy flight out of Brisbane

    62A here! One of my favourite QF 747 seats. Wow. Upper deck will be special, I'm hoping for at least the chance to have a look as I've never been up there.
  5. Qantas747

    QF Final 747 flights - SYD, BNE & CBR

    Thanks - made it myself! Couldn't go past the name when making this account either. And now to have approval from @samh004 is big-league stuff!!
  6. Qantas747

    QF Final 747 flights - SYD, BNE & CBR

    62A - in the green-coloured seats! Reposting the link from @ajd for those who need it: Farewell B747 | Qantas (Thanks for that link, I couldn't find it anywhere
  7. Qantas747

    Qantas Revenue booking cancellations (under covid19)

    Hi guys, I too will wait for Qantas to make further announcements before changing flights, but in case they don't make them in time, I'd appreciate any help. I have an international flight out on 30 March, returning 3 June - which is outside the fee-free cancellation period. I've received the...
  8. Qantas747

    New Qantas safety demo 2020

    For those interested here's the video in Indonesian - an example of what it's like not in English. Doesn't really have the same feel and I'm sure some will be wondering what all the nostalgia's for considering the 100 years isn't really explained! (Note: video sometimes can't be seen depending...
  9. Qantas747

    Looking for a non-Bogan Bali experience

    Well, I can't do anything, only the Government can, but I know what you mean. :) In fact, alcohol is already illegal across Indonesia - there are a few special exemptions made for tourism and business regions, including Bali. However, as soon as you are out of the Kuta region, I assure you...
  10. Qantas747

    Looking for a non-Bogan Bali experience

    Yes my apologies @SOPOOR, it is mainly those few drunk tourists who ruin it for everyone! Have edited the original post. You are right @theblank, and thanks for the support - Indonesia is a proud country, just like Australia (and to be fair, as my loyalties lie on both sides of the sea, I have...
  11. Qantas747

    Looking for a non-Bogan Bali experience

    It gets to me when people class Bali as 'bogan'. Being Balinese, it's quite confronting how tourists treat our island, and it is those drunken few who give us a bad name. These suggestions such as 'getting away to Canggu' (which, incidentally, is actually in the area of Kuta North, therefore...
  12. Qantas747

    Platinum sitting in economy - Do the airlines pay extra attention to us?

    As a Gold member, I have almost always had a shadow on every international economy flight. If you are unfortunate enough to have to travel in a 737 internationally, especially to Denpasar or Singapore because of the distance, rows 4 to 7 usually have the middle seat blocked off for weight...
  13. Qantas747

    Anyone (else) travelled Qantas Business Class to DPS?

    Now that Qantas has upgraded to A330s from SYD, it is by far the superior option (especially in Economy). But be sure to double-check the aircraft type - Qantas put some 737s back on the SYD-DPS route for a few days in early/mid-November - would have been a shock for those expecting the A330!
  14. Qantas747

    Singapore Airlines Annual Calendars

    Searching on Google reveals a lot of them - but never any information on how to get them directly from SQ.
  15. Qantas747

    Singapore Airlines Annual Calendars

    Hi everyone, My first post so I hope this is in the right place. Singapore Airlines puts out an annual desk calendar, and somehow we ended up with one last year (absolutely cannot remember how we got it though). Does anyone know if they sell them for a short period? Or give them out? I can't...