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Search results

  1. Will

    ALAEA strike day

    Sitting at Melbourne airport looking out over the apron. Wanted to postpone my trip, but unfortunately had no option but to fly today, unfortunately. Although I was a little worried that the place would be chaos, it's actually quite normal out on the concourse and even the lounge is no more...
  2. Will

    Where to learn to fly in/around Melbourne?

    Hi all! Thought I'd seek the advice of some of the veterans around here, as t seems as though many of you have flown professionally/ for fun (or still do!) I want to start with a simple PPL over the summer in Melbourne, and then maybe progress through further navigation, IFR, and night flights...
  3. Will

    QF63 re-routed via Perth and delayed today due to ash cloud.

    I'm currently on QF63, sitting on the tarmac at Perth. Took off an hour late out of Sydney, crossed the Nullarbor, landed in Perth for a planned refueling. The captain has just come around the cabin with the charts showing us all the new routing to avoid the ash cloud. It's become a 12.5 hour...
  4. Will

    Fighter jet flyover of Melbourne 2/3/11

    Anyone know what a large 4-engine plane (hard to identify at a distance) with 2 fighter jets off the port wing was doing at low altitude over Melbourne at 10:23 today?
  5. Will

    Hiton South Wharf and ethical employment of staff

    Does this make anyone want to reconsider this Hilton as an ethical place to stay? Talk is cheap, Hilton — Hotels with Heart I'm having second thoughts...
  6. Will

    Depressurisation event at MEL today?

    I have very little information on this, but I just caught the tail end of a news report on ABC Melbourne radio that seemed to be saying that a plane on approach into MEL had a depressurisation and emergency descent. Has anyone heard any more information?
  7. Will

    Online international bookings may only be changed online once

    Just wanted to let others know of a restriction that I only learnt of yesterday. Online international bookings may be changed once, and once only, by clicking "Change Flights" on manage my booking. After it has been changed, that option disappears and any changes must be made via phone -...
  8. Will

    Longreach 747-200 VH-EBQ

    So, not exactly a conventional trip report - this plane never left the ground, and never will again! Nevertheless, I thought I might share some photos from Longreach, Queensland, of the Qantas Founder's Outback Museum. I am passing through on the way back from a job in Northwest Queensland...
  9. Will

    DONE4 planning - same city, different airports - counts as sector?

    Having some difficulty with the OW RTW planner; My itinerary (JNB-LHR-CAI-MAD-TLV-LON-MCO-LAX-ORD-MSY-NYC-SYD-AKL-MEL-CNS-SYD-JNB) is shown as valid on mileage monkey, but invalid according to the OW RTW planner. It's telling me that transfers LHR//LGW and LGA//JFK count towards my 16...
  10. Will

    Jetstar Gold Coast Lounge - Access for Platinums?

    Hi All Tried searching without success, but I seem to remember reading previously on AFF that JQ were offering access to the OOL lounge for WP pax without payment. I have just booked an upcoming flight from OOL ($79 to CNS - on the Friday sale fare - nice!) but checking through the FAQs I...
  11. Will

    Brisbane fine dining

    Hi all - seeking the benefit of your travel experience! I'm looking for a good restaurant for a special occassion with a mate. We are both foodies so I'd like to take him to the best place in town - hopefully with a good degustation menu? Price isn't really an issue (willing to spend on a good...
  12. Will

    Domestic seat selection now up and running

    On view my booking, 'select seats' now enables domestic flights to have pre-allocated seating - although not a great range of seats to choose from! This may still be in early stages - hopefully some tweaks will occur over the next few days to improve seat selections for premium/ Altea valued pax.
  13. Will

    Left luggage at BNE?

    Is there any facility to leave a few pieces of luggage for 2 weeks at BNE? From the look of the official website* there isn't really; except for some lockers in the international terminal (less convenient for my purposes) which /may/ be big enough and cost $84 per week anyway. Any non-official...
  14. Will

    SPG status match

    Has anyone any experience of SPG matching to HHonors status? I am hoping to maybe branch out next year as 6 months staying in Hiltons may get a bit monotonous.
  15. Will

    Flying schools in Mount Isa?

    Hope one of our pilot experts can help me out! I will be spending almost 6 months in Mount Isa and thought it might be a good opportunity to get my PPL (or at least get started on it). Does anyone know of any schools in Mount Isa? Alternatively, is there a way I can do the theory component by...
  16. Will

    QF flyover of Melbourne last night? (31/7/09)

    Hi all Did anyone else see a QF branded jet fly over Melbourne CBD at very low altitude on Friday night at about 7.30 (31/7/09)? It was so low you could see the rivets of the undercarriage compartments - must have been less than 2,000 feet. Heading about 300 degrees. Seemed a bit strange -...
  17. Will

    First class cabin config

    Anyone got any ideas what this kind of cabin configuration is likely to be? It is on a 747. QF customer service seems to think there may be a change to a 2-class plane, but can't explain why there is seemingly only 1 seat in each of rows two and three...
  18. Will

    Confirmed 3 class (almost) operational upgrade >3 months before departure

    Sometimes Qantas customer service makes you smile! I have a booked flight from JNB to MEL in late October, in T class. Logging onto CMT today, I noticed a warning about a schedule change, with a the old flight listed as cancelled and new, identical, flight substituted with a change of fare...
  19. Will

    Booking class of whY legs in PE itineraries

    I am booking a PE trip for later this year, and there are domestic connections to and from the point of departure. Obviously, these book into Y - but does anyone know what fare bucket? It makes a difference to me as: 1) If it is a YBHK bucket then I don't have to think so carefully about the...
  20. Will

    A (very) abridged LLONE4 report

    Just returned home from the first two weeks of a LLONE4, with a nested point-point to get me home. Thought I'd share a few observations and musings on my trip so far, which has consisted of: QF702 MEL-CNS QF69 CNS-NRT JL471 NRT-DEL CX752 DEL-HKG CX735 HKG-SIN QF82 SIN-ADL QF676 ADL-MEL...