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    LAS - LAX - SYD connection time

    Hi all I'm booked on a QF codeshare (AA plane) out of LAS transiting through LAX to pick up QF12 to SYD. The connection time is 2 hrs 15 mins. It was booked through the Qantas website, so I naively assumed that QF wouldn't sell me a ticket that couldn't meet the connection time, but having...
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    SYD - HKG subject to regulatory approval

    I'm booked on QF117 from SYD to HKG in December, which is shown as being "subject to Government and regulatory approval". Should I be concerned about any risk of this service being cancelled or is this sort of regulatory approval typically a formality? Also, any idea if this route is operated...
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    HKG lounge access

    I'm QF SG travelling with Mrs Lambchop and 2 kids under 5. We have Y award seats booked on CX from HKG to LHR in December - what's my best bet re lounge access? I'm hoping that as we're on a OneWorld flight (CX) we can access the QF lounge, and that the guest entitlements mirror those of the...
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    CSM status ap

    I noticed on the flight back from ADL to SYD last night that the CSM had an ipad ap that showed a seat map highlighting pax status, which she used to do a meet and greet towards the end of the flight. It looked like a quick tap on the colour coded seat brought up the pax name, status and recent...
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    Advice please - EK metal, QF flight number

    I'm flying SYD-LHR-SYD with the family over Xmas. Outbound is on QF metal, QF flight number; return is EK metal, QF flight number. I'm QFF SG. My question is whether to check in at the EK or QF counters at LHR. If either is acceptable, which check in offers the better chance of benefits...