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    How to find QR award availability

    Is there any easy way to find QR award availability. I’ve tried the AA and QR sites (I’m a member of both the Advantage and Privileges) and never see any award flights (J or Y) for a range of itineraries (eg CNS/BNE to LON/BCN/MAN) with flexible dates around 25 Sep to 20 Oct but nothing comes...
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    QF lounge pass available

    Just realised I have a QF lounge pass which expires end September 2016. I don't need it as I'm LTG. Anyone want it?
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    On hold with Qantas for 105 minutes and counting

    As per title, I have been on hold waiting for Qantas to respond to my call. I didn't get the "we'll call you back option" so I am left listening to their pusillanimous repeated messages (including "we will be with you as soon as possible") and childish sounds which supposedly pass for music...
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    Any idea when Aer Lingus will be a Oneworld member again?

    Mid last year it was announced by IAG that, following its takeover by BA, Aer Lingus would be rejoining the Oneworld alliance. Does anyone have an update on when this will be finalised and the likelihood of award flights being available? I am sweating on an EI DUB-YYZ flight being available...
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    Uluru/Alice advice

    We have US friends visiting us in Cairns in April. They want to 'do' Uluru. They plan to fly from Cairns to either Alice or Uluru and from there (after 3 days) to Melbourne. In terms of time, money and experience is it better to go direct to Uluru or to go to Alice and then trip to Uluru? Any...
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    Status run from Cairns - suggestions please

    My apologies for asking what may be a mundane question; however I do appreciate the collective wisdom of this site and would appreciate tapping into it. I am currently 257 SCs away from LTG. I am based in Cairns and have 155K points and currently have two qualifying QF flights. What’s the best...
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    Swapping Economy and Business Seats

    I am currently WP and am about still about 2472 points from Lifetime Gold [LG] (not sure of the abbreviation), but have slowed down considerably in SC accumulation since retirement. To get closer to the LG, I am planning a DONE for me and my wife but I really (truly) do not see the value in...
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    QFF Status Rules

    My first questions for the experts. I have emailed Qantas FF three times over the last two weeks with them; I get the automated acknowledgement receipt emails but never an answer. This is my third year as WP but I will lose it this year. My re-assessment date is 30 September at which time I...