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    UpgradeMe pricing and success

    VA321 MEL-BNE 26/06 $110 minimal bid I was on VA68 and bid was accepted while flying. Only issue is that the J fare is in Z class and EY guest did not credit the original flight booking class S. Following up with them and we will see !
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    Question VA - EY at Hong Kong Airport

    Hey all, Just wanted to report about my experience with Virgin and Etihad. The lady at the check in counter at Brisbane was more than happy to check through my luggage to EY at HKG despite having 2 PNR. As soon as she checked through my luggage, the Virgin app showed my Etihad itinerary...
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    I'm in the VA Lounge thread

    Hey all ! I am now in BNE lounge until 5:25 Flight VA304 and can guest 1 person Also looking for someone that could guest me in The House Melbourne for VA69 today.
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    How low can Etihad go ?

    I will be flying EY next Thursday and I will report back. 787 and A380 all the way to Paris.
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    Question VA - EY at Hong Kong Airport

    Hi all, Just to update you about the situation : I booked my direct flight on EY from HKG. I also called Virgin Australia and the customer representative has been able to link my VA and EY PNR together so my luggage should be checked-through. She told me that VA will be able to check me in...
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    Question VA - EY at Hong Kong Airport

    Hi Mattg, Thanks for your answer. I think I will book the direct flight this afternoon. I would prefer to fly the 787 instead of an A330 and B777 to go to Abu Dhabi. It seems that the flight is pretty punctual and that should be fine.
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    Question VA - EY at Hong Kong Airport

    Hi all, I hope you are all well. I am flying out back to Paris in 15 days. I will be flying VA to HKG and then connect with Etihad. I never went to HKG airport I am Etihad Gold (like VA gold) I will have a luggage tagged priority Here is my question : My VA flight lands at 5.20 PM Do I...
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    VA [Inflight] Wi-Fi

    Hey there, I can confirm that I flew to Denpasar in January from Brisbane. Both planes had wifi access that you could buy. I flew the 19/01 and the 23/01.
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    Virgin codeshare on Etihad - seat selection

    Yes, so now you have to pay but it only works if it's an EY ticket. I don't know if that would work with Alitalia or Jetairways but pretty sure it's the same at VA. Some of my experiences : - AF ticket (057...) MEL-CDG and CDG-BNE. Attached my EY gold FF. I was unable to choose a seat online...
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    Virgin codeshare on Etihad - seat selection

    Yeah, it's not possible now... I tried last time, on a AF ticket and they were trying as well but unable to select my seats... It's not even working for their own ticket number sometimes as they told me... It would be great if they could improve their IT !
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    New Baggage crackdown starts this week at VA

    They checked my carry on luggage and small laptop bag twice. BNE-DPS and return. Had to check in my carry on luggage on the way back as it was 8kgs instead of 7, which was fine for me as it was tagged priority and came out amongst the first bags at BNE. Interestingly, flew Jetstar SIN-DPS and...
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    Bonjour !

    Bonjour à tous ! I just arrived in Brisbane to enroll for my master next year. I am a French student and love to fly whenever I can. Last year, I was able to achieve Etihad Gold and I am an Explorer member of the Flying Blue FF for Skyteam, and a BA executive blue, base level as I don't fly...