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Search results

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    A380 or 747??

    That is the key point. I would happily fly Qantas to LAX if they guaranteed it was an A380. I have heard that the A380 are disconcertingly quiet compared to the 747 with either the GE or RR engines. Is that correct?
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    Jetstar do they check birth certificates for infants?

    So I flew again with said infant and asked the gate agent to clarify this issue. Turns out the checkin agent at JetStar Melbourne (Tullamarine) was a supervisor ... She said it was their duty to make sure that children are flying with their parents or that the adult has an affidavit from the...
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    Jetstar do they check birth certificates for infants?

    Medicare card to show I was the parent. It was a short flight to tassie. Sounds like I got a good agent. What could have happened if I could not produce the birth certificate?
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    Jetstar do they check birth certificates for infants?

    I think the gate agent was also confused. She asked me for either the "Australian version" or the U.S. version of the birth certificate! I think they are more worried about people taking children when they should not be (i.e. custody disputes) rather than verifying ages.
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    Jetstar do they check birth certificates for infants?

    As I said at the beginning, I have the birth certificate (and also the passport), I just do not want to carry them on me unless it is absolutely required. These things are expensive to replace when in Australia. Anyway, I flew with said infant, jetstar did ask for the birth certificate, but I...
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    Jetstar do they check birth certificates for infants?

    Sorry should have mentioned it is a domestic flight so no passport required. the infant was born in US so losing, damaging certificate is a big problem since they cannot easily be replaced. If you can get a certified copy made, I would expect that would do the trick
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    Jetstar do they check birth certificates for infants?

    Hi, Traveling with an infant 23 months old so does not need a ticket. Jetstar's website state they may ask for a birth certificate, but do they? Do they want the original or a copy? I do not want to take out (from a safety deposit box) and carry around a birth certificate if they do not...
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    Requirements for Entering Australia with Kids With Only One Parent

    Just a follow up. Said wife checked into United counter at SFO. No documentation was asked for at all. Upon entry to Australia, same story, no documentation asked for. This suprised me since my wife kept her surname and our children have my surname, but at least we were prepared!
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    Requirements for Entering Australia with Kids With Only One Parent

    Hi, My wife is flying with United to Australia without me but with our kids. We are dual citizens and we know what United at check-in will require (birth certificates and a notarized letter from me). But what information will Australia require? Who should I even contact about this...
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    What airplane are you waiting to fly the A380 or 787 Dreamliner?

    Trooper, That's interesting to note that that A380 is quieter. Compared to what? The 747 ER400's? Also, what is the air-quality/moisture like. NM is right. According to some authoritative sources: "The internal pressure will be increased to the equivalent of 6000 feet (1800 m) altitude...
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    What airplane are you waiting to fly the A380 or 787 Dreamliner?

    Hi, From what I've heard, the A380 in Economy is not that much better than the 777ER. Which is a great shame as I was looking for a quieter and all round better experience (though I can understand the airlines return on investment argument for purchasing a larger plane). So it looks like the...
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    Qantas A380 Economy versus United 747 in Economy Plus?

    Whenever I ask a question about UA QF it ends up being moot because UA drop their fares. I am flying my entire family 2 adults, 1 child and 1 infant on a lap for the grant total of US$2500 return SFO to MEL with one stop (in SYD). The same flights with QF would cost over $3500. But I do want to...
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    query dual passport travel to US

    NM is right, kind of. As a dual citizen you should do as NM says. However, for years I didn't and no one picked me up. That being said, the line for locals is typically shorter so following the rules makes logical sense as well. Good luck!
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    Qantas A380 Economy versus United 747 in Economy Plus?

    Hi, Your favourite (!) expat living in U.S. is back again. Recall, I visit this forum once a year when I'm about to fly home to ask about passports etc. So here is the deal. United and Qantas have almost identical fares SFO->MEL return. With United I have status so I get bumped to premium...
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    Whooo What's Going on with Qantas FF - Help an Expatriate Living in U.S.

    Hi, This article Frequent fly in Qantas ointment - News - Travel - seems to imply they are going to increase points to travel. This is news to me, but I'm living in California now so the opportunity to talk about QFF is limited:-| If this article is correct, when are these...
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    Screaming Kids - Seating Allocations

    While I sympathise with you catching a cold, saying with certainty you caught it from a specific individual is a bit ridiculous. If you know with certainty, then you should publish a scientic paper in Nature and let the rest of the scientific community know.:p Note, I hate sitting next to...
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    What are These Changes to Qantas's FFP after May 2008

    Hi, I keep on hearing about Qantas's changes to their FFP after May 2008. Can some kind soul please point me to an announcement. I'm an Expat in U.S. and am left out of the loop. But I do have 96K points and plan to use it soon (Nov 2008) for a return trip back home from SFO.
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    Air NZ Premium Economy - worth $1000

    No way on two accounts. Firstly $4000 to upgrade a family of four is way too expensive. Secondly, AirNZ economy product is damn nice. The flight to the U.S. is about 15 hours in the air. Chances are you'll sleep for 5 hours of those. So your paying $100 per person per hour. I would personally...
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    787 is gonna be late!

    Maybe I have a chance. When I try to book an award there is now four classes of travel: economy, premium economy, C and F. Now correct me if I'm wrong. Only the A380 has the premium economy section. So at least there preparing for it.
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    787 is gonna be late!

    So I'm going to travel to Oz from LAX/SFO in Sept. Do I have any chance of getting on some new metal (or should that be carbon)?