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    Velocity Website Upgrade

    Wow, I didn't think they could actually make the Velocity site worse.
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    Whats the best thing you got with Velocity points??

    Long haul J is definitely my favourite use for points ;) Last redemption was MEL-xAUH-DUB,DUB-AUH,AUH-xPER-MEL. Taxes came to under $200 and I got to check out Abu Dhabi, which was a lot more fun than I was expecting it to be!
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    The "Where to from Citibank?" thread

    $375 annual fee is pretty ugly :( still, the earn rate is reasonable and can also xfer points to SQ ($3 per 2 miles is the effective conversion rate)
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    Reduction in Transfer Rates to Velocity/Krisflyer

    I just used the Messages function in online banking to send them the following: Will be interesting to see what I get back. If I don't get what I want, at least I have a reference number to open a case with FOS. :)
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    Travel to Cuba on Qantas/oneworld

    Slightly late to the party, but figured I'd reply seeing as I've done this trip a couple times. Couple options: QF/AA as far as PTY, then CM for PTY-HAV (CM are a great airline and they run several flights per day to HAV - helpful in case something goes wrong). QF/AA as far as CUN, then 4O for...
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    MEL-LAX - experiences connecting through BNE

    Nope. Gut Feel is that this is also a nope - you need check in staff that are trained for International flights, and bag drop staff may not be. I'd personally arrive at 6 - gives you time for brekkie in the lounge, which is likely better than what you'll get in the plane. As mentioned by...
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    Flying Delta as a VA plat Questions

    VA Platinum only get free Comfort+ within 72 hours of departure.
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    VA A330s - New Business Class Rollout

    Has VA actually managed to sell out a J cabin (with revenue pax) on the 330 yet? :p
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    Domestic upgrade to J

    Reasonably sure comp upgrades come out of the redemption fare bucket. I've definitely seen J redemptions show up closer to time - wouldn't hurt to keep an eye on it and call if something shows up!
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    Velocity points on VX flight (Air New Zealand ticket)

    A VX-coded flight operated by Virgin America will (eventually) credit to Velocity.
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    New VA long Haul Amenity Kits for J

    I'm yet to fly on a 777 flight without PJs in J .. I'd say you'll be fine :) (Just don't expect much from the amenity kit - the REN amenities aren't great. The previous kit with Grown amenities was far, far nicer.)
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    SFO Lounge Access

    Answer is no. NZ do not operate a lounge, thus no lounge access unless you're in J.
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    Lounge access on for Etihad partner flights

    Chances are very good you wouldn't get lounge access. EY are typically fairly good in providing lounge access, even where they don't run their own lounge - but only when it's their metal.
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    Virgin want our opinion

    It's basically the equivalent of row 4 on the QF 738s.
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    If you're paying, why would you opt for VA over NZ in J going to LAX?

    Re: You must have been lucky ... I flew NZ J to SFO late last year. Massive disappointment. Planes were filthy, service was most charitably described as "below par", the food was inedible and the champagne .. the less said about it, the better. When I wrote in to NZ, I got a generic "sorry we...
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    Premium Economy for MEL-LAX - SC and points earn rates

    Domestic sectors connected to a long haul whY+ ticket earn as flexible whY - as aaronm mentioned, you're looking at 30 SCs per domestic sector if you transit via BNE.
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    Purchasing PE seats on SQ via the VA website

    VA would need to file a whY+ fare to SIN as a first step..
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    VA to fly to SIN [Rumour?]

    The only way I can see that making sense is if SQ give VA one of their BNE-SIN frequencies.
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    Lounge access Thai/Etihad

    Cafe Vue isn't bad, but the service is pretty sub-par (or at least, it was last time I was there). Take a look at Bar Pulpo -- it's run by the good kids from MoVida, so the wine list should be pretty good! :) Agree with others that the NZ lounge isn't worth paying to get in to.
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    Press 4 for Platinum

    Hate to say it, but that's very very intentional. Talking to a computer is cheap, talking to a person is expensive.