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    MEL QC and J lounge getting much needed overhaul!

    As a frequent visitor to the QF lounges in Melbourne, it's great to see they're getting a long awaited overhaul. Here's hoping they're as awesome as the new BNE J lounge (or PER J lounge for that matter).
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    Used/Re-Furbished drinks and service trolleys

    I recall sometime ago that there was an AU company that did refurbished and used airline trolleys (both drinks and full service) but I can't seem to find them any longer. Does anyone know of places that do them? They do pop up on ebay from time to time (and they seem to be prominent in the UK)...
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    Poker night in MEL

    Rather than continue to hijack the ADL poker thread, I thought i'd start a new one. Note this is not a tournament or a regular thing to start with, more interested in seeing if anyone is keen on a poker night every so often. I have a nice poker table at home, that sees no use (trying to get...
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    FJ luggage allowance

    Got a bit of a curly one. A friend of mine is looking at flying from the USA to Australia on FJ in J. He's going to be staying off in Fiji for a few days on the way over, and found a strange luggage rule. The LAX-NAN leg allows 2 pieces of baggage, but NAN-SYD only allows one. On the return...
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    Air India flight MEL-DEL makes emergency landing in KUL

    Air India Dreamliner flight from Melbourne makes emergency landing due to 'glitches' Sounds strange to me...
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    OTT "RSA" in the PER lounge

    PER lounge is not small nor undergoing renovations though. It's a crappy lounge, yes, and the bar tender (I think he's Indian) is terrible, I think he feels it's his mission in life to police alcohol so strictly that no one gets any. I asked for a beer and a glass of wine once, and was told 'no...
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    Regular MEL Yum Cha Event [Inaugural Sun Jan 19th]

    Thanks to a brilliant suggestion by Hvr and with the new QF Restaurants program in mind, i'm proposing a regular (say Monthly) Yum Cha gathering in MEL on a Sunday each month. Anyone interested? As we'd be in contention to earn QFF points from the new program, I also propose that we alternate...
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    Wheel "Pops off" nose landing gear on Southwest Landing in LGA

    Would love to know how it 'pops off' but hey, no investigations have happened yet: Nose Gear Collapses as Southwest Flight Crash Lands at LaGuardia - Abby Ohlheiser - The Atlantic Wire...
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    DL priority seating (Economy Comfort) for VA Elites

    I made a few DL bookings a few months ago, and noted that my VA Platinum number showed up as 'Diamond Medallion' (I think it was, perhaps it was Platinum Medallion though) and I was able to select comfort seats or exit rows. Due to a schedule change, I have had to re-route my bookings and now...
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    Free Global Roaming SIM

    For anyone that is interested there's a free global roaming SIM on offer for AFF members at the moment in the AFF Exclusive Offers thread here: Free ekit Global Roaming SIM
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    VA TT Check-in Time - 3 Hours?

    OK so I am off to WLG on Thursday and got my email reminding me of my upcoming flight (just in case I forgot heh). My other half then brought this to my attention: Now previously i've only noticed this on AUH/LAX flights and TT was always less. Whilst I realise this is not actually...
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    Secure Sentinel Renewal - The Hard Sell

    So I had a call this morning from Secure Sentinel (an asian-based call centre) who rang to comment that I had received my membership via Velocity and the girl said "we notice your complimentary Velocity Secure Sentinel has come up for renewal but you have not acted on it!". I tried to interject...
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    An unusual trip report - MEL-SIN-LHR-JER (with lunch in DNR)...

    (Caveat: Mods, if this is too much info or similar please advise me and i'll review it; I am simply stating my experiences of my trip which others may find interesting, and I purposely did not mention the production involved with said pax) that said, on to the story.. Whilst I don't usually do...
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    DJ unable to allocate seats for NZ Codeshares

    Anyone had any experience with this? I have a DJ flight to AKL coming up soon, and it's on an NZ bird (so a DJ codeshare). I attempted both online and via the call centre to allocate a seat and was told they cannot allocate NZ seats. OK, well that's bad but fair enough I suppose. Question is...
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    Short Notice MEL Poker Evening 7 JUL

    Whilst I proposed the 'inaugural MEL AFF Poker' night last year, that has not (yet!) come to fruition (basically i've not been in MEL or AU most of this year to actually arrange it). I bought a shiny new poker table several months ago which has only had one outing so far, and i'm keen for it...
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    Extended hold times to VA Platinum Desk

    I'm trying to redeem one of my complimentary J upgrades so have to call to do this. I've now been on hold over 15 minutes (after entering my WP number). In the past, i've never held more than 10-15 seconds. Has anyone experienced similar delays? Or have I hit the lunch time rush...
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    T5 LHR BA Arrivals Access for WP on BA Flights..

    I've spent a bit of time searching around without any conclusive answer. I'm flying BA World Traveller Plus to LHR later this week, and as it's a 5am or so arrival, I figured a shower wouldn't go astray. There seems to be mixed reports around saying that WP's do or do not get access, based on...
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    SYD Lounge Access for Velocity Platinum flying VS to LHR

    I did do a search but couldn't see the answer for this. I'm flying VS (Velocity Platinum) in Y+ SYD-LHR in a few weeks, and can't seem to find any lounge access rules for Plats. The Velocity page states flying VS I have Clubhouse Access (so HKG and LHR are set) but nothing about SYD. Just...
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    Last-Minute MEL based Poker warm-up for SYD event [Mar 16 or 17 2012]

    A little last minute, but I am getting a new poker table soon and figured it might be a good way to break it in before we all head up to munitalP's for the first NSW Poker Evening (Yes, the MEL one is still happening sometime I just haven't gotten around to planning it yet!) As I have a small...
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    AFF 2012 Inaugural Poker Night - Melbourne

    Thanks to an idea from Lindsay Wilson over in the Playground, I'm proposing the 'First Annual AFF Poker Tournament' to take place in the first quarter of 2012. Anyone interested? It'll most likely be a tournament style, no-limit holdem event, hosted at my place (pending housemate approval and...