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Search results

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    Smartraveller being re-launched. Re-subscription required

    For years I have been trying to get DFAT to include details of the travel agent or booking agent used. The majority of posts here refer to the traveler needing help, however just as importantly there could be circumstances back home that require immediate contact with the traveller. In most...
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    Flying to Honolulu in comfort.....which airline is best?

    I have flown JQ in business class and its suprisingly good. Ok there are no lay flat seats but for a 10 hour daylight flight who needs them. The FAs are attentive ,the meals are properly served and drinks are plentiful. Best of all the cost is well below that charged for a J seat on a "full...
  3. L

    PM to USA on what aircraft?

    I cant get my head around this new VIP acquisition. Given it was an ex Jetstar A330 fitted out for cattle transport and has now been converted into what? How can it be a tanker one end and a 100 seat Prime Minister's inter continental airliner at the other end. Does it do tanker duties en route...
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    Ask The Pilot

    When Tullamarine airport was built in the late sixties the location was so far out into the country it was well beyond any residential area. The runway approaches were over open grass land where only the cows could complain. As I flew over this area in the early days I felt sure that no one...
  5. L

    Ask The Pilot

    How is beating between two engines controlled? Is it a matter of fine tuning throttle settings or is it automatic. Sitting in the back of a rear engined aircraft during takeoff is bad enough but when the engines beat against each other the effect is horrific.
  6. L

    Ask The Pilot

    If you were at say 35000 feet and did not configure, on the basis of 3.5 miles per thousand feet you could cover almost 90 miles before reaching an uncomfortable 10000 feet. This might be enough to get you to a runway of some sort. I guess the elephant in the room is a headwind. Whilst that...
  7. L

    Ask The Pilot

    Engines out seems to be a pretty popular subject on YouTube these days with one showing a full landing without any engine power. What are the gliding capabilities of say a B747 or an A380?
  8. L

    New Machu Picchu airport

    If you want to wreck a place just invite hordes of tourists. The intro mentions a figure of 3.5 million passengers a year expected to arrive at the new airport and we will see a Westfield in the Sacred Valley. I know that tourist dollars are a vital ingredient in many nation's budgets but in...
  9. L

    Pax kicked off Air NZ flight for ignoring safety briefing

    If I was bombarded with this type of video I would put my fingers in my ears as well as closing my eyes. Noise cancelling headphones? no good as the sound trash would be sent all over the plane. In all seriousness I am surprised that ANZ treats such a very important safety briefing in such a...
  10. L

    Ask The Pilot

    If you are hurtling down the runway after touch down and you select reverse thrust to slow up, the last thing you would want is an engine stall. Having just landed would you have time to take it back to forward idle with a view to re using it if the stall clears, or would you just leave it in...
  11. L

    Ask The Pilot

    In an article I recently read two factors caught my eye. One was that trim wheels are ancient and are no longer fitted to the B777 or B787, and the second was that the control column is made harder to pull back than to push forward. Apparently on at least one 737Max flight the pilots were able...
  12. L

    Ask The Pilot

    Is there any indication on the control panel showing the position of each control stick in an airbus? Can one stick override the other? Does the auto pilot disconnect on movement of the control stick?
  13. L

    Ask The Pilot

    If your aircraft is porpoising at 500 feet due to a faulty AoA sensor you dont need a check list you need an automatic fix, instantly.
  14. L

    Ask The Pilot

    Apologies for using the word believe. I pondered over the use and I should have used a more appropriator word. My question relates to the angle of attack (AOA) sensors. Is it true that the airbus uses three AOA sensors therefore allowing for redundancy if the computers decide (after suitable...
  15. L

    Ask The Pilot

    What benefit does a 737 obtain from higher thrust engines. Is it greater speed? Is it greater payload? Do the engine manufacturers get more money by selling higher thrust? From what I am reading the 737 MAX is over engined for the design of its airframe/wings and rather than embarking on an...
  16. L

    Ask The Pilot

    Would the auto throttle sense the problem and reduce power to compensate?
  17. L

    Qantas orders six more 787s, plans to retire all 747s by 2020

    I flew to SFO on QF73 last September in J on the main deck of a B747 and as usual the flight was smooth and quiet. My first flight in a 747 was in 1976 to LHR from SYD and I have flown many 747 miles since, all in comfort and safety. In my opinion Qantas will regret their decision to put all...
  18. L

    Ask The Pilot

    How often did you get to fly the axact same aircraft or were you allocated the next in line for your flight SYD-LAX.? From one aircraft to another (assuming A380 in both cases) can you detect differences between each aircraft ?
  19. L

    Ask The Pilot

    How much sleep do you get in flight? Is there a special place for flight deck crew to go on board ? Is the whole flight deck crew replaced at some point while in the air? Is there a four hours on four hours off system?
  20. L

    Ask The Pilot

    Many thanks jr, this is so interesting. I get the impression that from a technology point of view Airbus and their Euopean partners are well ahead of the game.