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Search results

  1. bodog

    Is it the wrong time to consider switching from QFF to Velocity?

    A bird in the hand.... Stick with Qantas and rack up those Status Credits towards LTG or Platinum 😂
  2. bodog

    Qatar Airways status match to Virgin Australia

    Surely you're not falling for those crocodile tears from AJ? He'll be shedding plenty of them and in the background be launching strategies to make life very hard for Virgin to reach his most profitable customers Good to hear some of the refugees intend to actually fly Qantas domestic and...
  3. bodog

    Qatar Airways status match to Virgin Australia

    I’d love to be a fly on the wall at Qantas HQ when they discuss this! What in it for them? They get to deliver benefits (and costs) in their premium lounges to the Virgin refugees gifted their top tier status while their One World “partner” gets the international business sectors. Qantas...
  4. bodog

    New Woolworths Rewards App

    I got the 3000 points for activating the in app offer yesterday - guess I’m in the “marketable” category. I can’t see them offering everyone 3000 points simply for downloading the app. As it’s in the App Store now anyone can download it. That will do for some Status Credits when they convert to...
  5. bodog

    Noumea Status Run booked for June with a 50% SC bonus to boot - onwards to LTG

    Noumea Status Run booked for June with a 50% SC bonus to boot - onwards to LTG
  6. bodog

    On retiring, what new things did you start...

    I have no idea if it's correct but I reckon that's relatively generous from the taxpayer when many people have to fully self fund their retirement. If they take responsibility and save for their retirement they save the taxpayer this cost Isn't it $800k of assets other than the family home that...
  7. bodog

    Loud in the lounge

    As the OP of this thread I just wanted to say I still vividly recall the woman's behaviour that prompted me to start this thread - I guess we're never going to be rid of rude and obnoxious people. The good news is that in those two years I've moved up to WP so now get to experience it in nicer...
  8. bodog

    The Operational Upgrade Thread

    Happy camper here on QF12 overnight and got an Op upgrade at the gate (without request) from paid Prem Economy to J - a nice surprise and a good nights sleep. Keep them coming Qantas! I suspect Platinum status helped get me to the top of the list I didn't get one going over on QF11 earlier in...
  9. bodog

    Qantas Cash [ID check available at PO's from Tue 16th July]

    Thanks - gee I would have missed it if I hadn't asked - it wouldn't win any awards for design - as others have commented it's a very busy card with logos galore Have to say I'm struggling to find a pen that will actually write onto that surface - don't know about others but it seems to be a...
  10. bodog

    Qantas Cash [ID check available at PO's from Tue 16th July]

    That's strange - I got my Platinum Qantas Cash card today and there's no place for me to sign it on the MasterCard side of the card Is it the combo QFF and Qantas Cash card you are talking about? - would a prepaid MasterCard need a signature on it?
  11. bodog

    Platinum Card - has it got thinner?

    Well got my new Qantas Cash Platinum card today and there is no red layer in it - there's quite a bit of discussion on the card itself in the Qantas Cash thread - but it's a little disappointing that the Platinum card itself doesn't feel like something special Interesting how when I rang the...
  12. bodog

    Platinum Card - has it got thinner?

    Good luck on that - that's exactly what happened to me just last week - I don't rate your chances I'm afraid Seems a bit haphazard though - but it's a huge logistical exercise getting the new cards out to everyone - they could at least start with the WP (DYKWIA :D)
  13. bodog

    Have you received your new Qantas Card? Apply for Qantas Cash today.

    Interesting that the carrier shown on the screen shots in the iTunes store shows O2 - they must have got the app developed in the UK?
  14. bodog

    Double Status Credits 2013

    I disagree - for me I just got the DSC from 20 August to 30 November and then scored a Prem Econ itinerary to the US in Sept so hey presto a flying start to my renewal programme with 360 SC's (my anniversary is 1 September so for me it's perfectly timed and I don't get to plan my travel months...
  15. bodog

    Platinum Card - has it got thinner?

    I'm thinking they're not investing in the current generation of plastic as they will be replaced by the new dual purpose Qantas and Qantas Cash card over the next few months. Apparently for those who pre-registered that will be by the end of October I liked the old card with the red layer - it...
  16. bodog

    Have you received your new Qantas Card? Apply for Qantas Cash today.

    Key issue is you need to have the new double sided Qantas / Qantas Cash (MasterCard) card to be able to activate this I just got my replacement Platinum renewal card this week and it's not cash enabled - I've rung Qantas Cash and all they can advise is as long as I've pre-registered my interest...
  17. bodog

    Platinum Card - has it got thinner?

    I just got my renewal for Platinum and my new card - AUG 2014 expiry- is it just me or is it thinner this year? Last years had like a reddish layer in it that was visible when viewed on the edge - this years doesn't have that layer Is this perhaps a way for lounge staff to spot if the card is a...
  18. bodog

    Card Promotions Up to 30000 bonus points with JQ Mastercard

    Did anyone else fail to get their second batch of 15000 Qantas points credited to their account? after waiting over 6 months I had to ring them to chase up my last 15000 points Interestingly it took them no time at all to charge me a non payment fee and a dishonour fee when the newly setup...
  19. bodog

    Query on Qantas Club and business lounges

    What times would they be? - when you're feeling lonely and want lots of company maybe? - the Qantas Pub would be good for that I guess... Seriously I can't see why you'd want to step backward and spend your time in the QP if you have the option to be in the Business lounge
  20. bodog

    Double SC offer - question on existing bookings

    It means what it says - they apply to NEW bookings - I got caught last year with this - existing bookings don't count. I tried pleading my case but got no where - give it a go but don't hold your breath