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Search results

  1. bodog

    Platinum Card - has it got thinner?

    I just got my renewal for Platinum and my new card - AUG 2014 expiry- is it just me or is it thinner this year? Last years had like a reddish layer in it that was visible when viewed on the edge - this years doesn't have that layer Is this perhaps a way for lounge staff to spot if the card is a...
  2. bodog

    WP1 Christmas Gift - and how many SC's in a year- what's the record?

    Sadly it's not me but two of our WP1 execs recieved bottles of Grange from Qantas a Christmas gifts this year - apparently the note with the gift said they were in the top 200 flyers - did all/other WP1 members recieve a bottle of Grange? Does anyone know how many WP1's there actually are? One...
  3. bodog

    New Look Qantas Web Site Launched

    Looks like and with it the QFF section have been updated with a new look and feel - what do you think? From my first look I can't see any new functionality added - but they might surprise us I quite like the new design - feels like its going to be a bit easier on the eye to pick up...
  4. bodog

    QF pilot relieved of duty due to alleged alcohol intake above the PCA limits

    Reported in the SMH - Qantas stops take-off and ejects pilot who had been drinking A QANTAS captain was forced to relinquish the controls of a passenger jet last week just minutes before it was due to take off from Sydney Airport after cabin crew suspected she...
  5. bodog

    Requalification timing and Status Upgrade - It's all in the timing - but what happens

    The Qantas site is showing me a requalified as Gold with the next review date as 31 Aug 2013 (ticked over this week although I've been sitting on the current points balance for a few weeks now). I have a trip coming up this week that will qualify me for Platinum (yes I know it's the new Gold...
  6. bodog

    Loud in the lounge

    Sitting in the Qantas Business lounge in Sydney at the moment and unimpressed with a women who is speaking into her phone using the speaker so we all have to listen to her conversation - and she has a piercing voice as well What's the protocol for calling her on it (and before someone suggests...