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Search results

  1. Katie

    Solar Panels

    We're two storey on a narrow block (~10m wide). Any access to the solar panels will require scaffolds that go into the neighbours' yards on either side. :/
  2. Katie

    Have you had to change/cancel travel due to 2019 n-CoV (involuntarily or voluntarily)?

    Qantas has cancelled one of our SYD-HKG or HKG-BNE flights in July, so we can finally cancel our Finnair tickets to Europe for the Tour de France and our 20th wedding anniversary without penalty. Well, there is a cancellation charge of sorts by the travel agent, which after her kindly worded...
  3. Katie

    What did you buy thats not living its best life right now?

    Well, I bought noise cancelling headphones (didn't have any before) on day 2 of working from home and sharing the study with my spouse. We both talk loudly on phone calls it seems. :P
  4. Katie

    Top Three Holiday Photos

    Really loved the first one, so have tried to recreate it each Anzac day in Villers-Bretonneux. It was funny, just after taking the first one, a man said to me “You should take a photo”. I responded that I just had. :) From left to right, 2008, 2011, 2018. The middle one was in a different spot...
  5. Katie

    General Medical issues thread

    The emergency doctor just called as a TeleHealth followup. Asked a lot of questions to establish that it does seem to have been a one off, reassured me that I wasn't being dramatic about getting it checked out. I made him laugh when he asked about floaters and vision, I said "No more floaters...
  6. Katie

    Coronavirus (COVID-19) Panic Buying?

    I can send some down to you if you want. A number of local pastry/bakery shops (like the small indy ones) are selling flours, yeast, etc, as their wholesale supplies haven't yet been affected like the retail supplies have.
  7. Katie

    Coronavirus (COVID-19) Panic Buying?

    We've found it a good pack overall - there's a few things we wouldn't necessarily buy, but hey, nothing too strange (or we wouldn't have bought the pack). Last night was chicken schnitzel, tonight will be hamburgers, and tomorrow night we'll use the jalapeno sausages in a beetroot risotto (for...
  8. Katie

    General Medical issues thread

    Had a bit of a drama queen moment last night, but also the fastest emergency experience and cheapest hospital parking ever! I went for a walk after work, and at some point a moth (??winged insect of some kind, not a grasshopper, but I didn't really get to inspect it from inside my eyeball and...
  9. Katie

    Have you had to change/cancel travel due to 2019 n-CoV (involuntarily or voluntarily)?

    As others have said, it has currently been postponed slightly, but we're not confident of being able to leave or get back into Oz without more hassle than it would be worth. And the trip was for a friend's 50th, and he's decided to just push to next year as he and his wife figure this year is...
  10. Katie

    Have you had to change/cancel travel due to 2019 n-CoV (involuntarily or voluntarily)?

    Finnair are still only cancelling flights to end June, so we haven't yet cancelled our flights to France in July (for the Tour de France). Our TA advised they're also only rescheduling to end Nov at this stage, so we can't just move the flights to next year, which is our current plan with this...
  11. Katie

    Coronavirus (COVID-19) Panic Buying?

    We are still working our way through the bulk meat "Prepper's Pack" delivery we got on 22 March. It was meant to contain sufficient meat for a family of four for a month. We are rationing it out somewhat, and also trying to buy some things from the local butchers, etc.
  12. Katie

    Rockfords discussion

    I guess we really lack suitable storage in this house (renovated workers cottage) - typical cottage/Qlder style lacking cupboards. Our stairs are open, and there is already wine shelving built in to them - but they're full with the cheap and cheerful stuff (only holds about 30 bottles). We're...
  13. Katie

    Rockfords discussion

    Tidying up, found some forgotten Black Shiraz. Moving boxes around so we can get to the bookshelves. Might need to think about better wine storage, might add a vintec fridge to our reno plans. More of a pary way through photo than a before photo! I’d already moved a few boxes by the time I took...
  14. Katie

    General Discussion/Q&A on Coronavirus (COVID-19)

    Excited to see two different brands of loo paper at Coles yesterday - some Sorbent or Kleenex as well as Quilton. And many different shapes of pasta, not just Coles brand lasagne sheets. Rice was still low, and no eggs at all (hard to incentivise chooks to lay more :P) Capsicums down to a...
  15. Katie

    Tried and true favourite recipes

    I was asked for Mr Katie's gyoza recipe, and handily, it's on the internet: He also picked up a tip to glaze them in sesame oil before cooking somewhere along the way. We have them with...
  16. Katie

    Ladies who shop !!

    Taika Waititi (director of Thor Ragnarock and JoJo Rabbit) posted a love Instagram story of letting his kids shave his hair! Rather funny!
  17. Katie

    Ladies who shop !!

    My new Noise Cancelling headphones arrived yesterday. It was quite hte day for deliveries - Mecca Cosmetica order of new face cleanser and moisturiser, the heapdphones, AND Vinomofo and Qantas Wine deliveries. The AusPost man with the wine deliveries must be surprised not coming to us today, as...
  18. Katie

    Ladies who shop !!

    I've been in no spend mode for most of this year, so far, but am seriously contemplating some noise cancelling headphones to help while I'm working from home. It seem harder for me to drown out Mr Katie on his meetings than what I manage to drown out in a fairly open plan office. And I thought...
  19. Katie

    Coronavirus (COVID-19) Panic Buying?

    We did our own bit of panic buying last week - well, we weren't panicked, we thought about it, and felt it was a sensible move. We ordered a "Prepper's pack" from a butcher we've used in the past. There's meant to be one month's worth of meat for a family of four, but I reckon it'll last us...
  20. Katie

    Farewell to Rockford - Barossa Tour [Postponed]

    Thank you for all your work on this tour, @Buzzard and Ruby.