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Search results

  1. Katie

    Ohhhh, Canadaaaaa

    Our intrepid little fam bam are heading off on an adventure tomorrow - to Canada. Our first family trip there, and first time in Canada for Mr Katie and Miss 13 (I've had two brief conference trips to YVR and YUL). Our inspiration was it's somewhere new, and a friend of mine has been inviting...
  2. Katie

    Ideas please: Anniversary dinner in Europe, July 2020

    I'm seeking inspiration and ideas. Mr Katie and I are joining a friend's birthday celebration and following the last week of the Tour de France next year. Our tour finishes on a Monday; two days later, on the Wednesday, is our 20th wedding anniversary. We can either come straight home, and have...
  3. Katie

    Canada: Quebec and Ontario in early Dec

    We have recently realised with Not So Little Miss now in high school, we have a bit more time in December to play with holidays. After Christmas is out of the question for a trip for various reasons, but we think we can manage to spend the first two weeks of December this year in Canada. Mr...
  4. Katie

    QFF/QP and drink chits in the AA Admiral's Clubs

    I flew DEN-LAX today - and gee whiz, the DEN Admiral's club is much nicer than when I last visited in 2008! :P On entry to the lounge, the AAngel informed me that I was entitled to two premium beverages from the bar. To redeem the beverages, I needed to mention this and show the bartender my...
  5. Katie

    Seat selection in QF app and website?

    Is there a current known issue with seat selection in the QF app and website? A points US from Y+ to J on QF11 on Weds came through last night. I tried to change my seat from row 16 to an available seat in row 12. I would get an error each time I tried. I tried using the full website this...
  6. Katie

    Anzac Day in Villers-Bretonneux 2018

    For anyone who is keen to sign up to attend the dawn service on Anzac day in Villers-Bretonneux, registration seems to be open. The link isn't active on this page in the service name column, but I managed to successfully register myself, +1 and the kid on Anzac day. We have been planning to...
  7. Katie

    Japan in Sept - recommendations please!

    We are spending the Qld Sept school holidays in Japan- flying via SYD-HND to get QF Y+ seats on the flights. Our travel party is me, Mr Katie, and Tall* Miss 10 (very nearly 11 on this trip). We arrive on a Sunday morning, and leave Sat night 13 days later. I am hoping to burn some Hilton...
  8. Katie

    Qantas Cash cards - daily limit on transactions?

    I have dutifully loaded some $$ on my QF Cash card to pay some ATO bills. I tried to process the full amount loaded in AUD on the card (allowing for the .0054 fees), and the transaction was declined. I was able to get a part payment through, with five digits before the decimal point. :shock: Is...
  9. Katie

    Care Hire - LRE - max 700km in 7 days?

    Hi, We are travelling to Longreach soon, but will spending most of our time in Winton. We are hiring a car after we arrive in to Longreach; we'll be there for 7 days. The cars I could hire all had a 700km restriction on them. We should be OK - it's a sedan (no 4WDs available), so no 4WDing or...
  10. Katie

    Nor1 UG offer at HSP - $45pp pn Exec Lounge :P

    I just looked at my booking for starting tomorrow night at the HSP Residences (2br apart for 2 adults, 1 child). As well as the offers of upgrades to a 3br apartment and the 4br Penthouse (for just $1k or $2k per night!!), I am now being offered $45 per person, per night, to upgrade to a room...
  11. Katie

    TG - do some economy fares not accrue miles?

    Last night, my Dad expressed his frustration with their TA. They have been going to Thailand once per year for about 8-10yrs and have not earned any FF points for their TG flights. Dad's theory was that the TA buys flights from wholesalers, and TG won't give points for flights through the...
  12. Katie

    US flights - 29min connection in CLT?!?!

    We are travelling to Charleston in Sept for the start of a big US trip for my bday & my BFF's bday. We four are currently booked LAX-CLT-CHS, through but on US metal. The LAX-CLT flight has been puched back 10mins since booking, and the CLT-CHS brought forward a couple of minutes, so we...
  13. Katie

    Shopping Q - shoes!!

    While we were in Europe in December, I just had to buy two pairs of shoes - the first Ecco walking shoes, which are too narrow and painful for me, but had to buy them on the spot in CPH along the Strøget. Then I found a wonderful pair of Mephisto Mobils boots in Denmark, which helped my then...
  14. Katie

    Walt Disney World, FL

    I need help! We've been to Disneyland a few times, but the size and variety of the parks and accommodation options at Walt Disney World is overwhelming me!!! :shock: We are planning on spending a week in Orlando at WDW in late Sept; myself, my BFF, Mr Katie, and Little Miss almost 9. 4 days at...
  15. Katie

    Repair broken Samsonite wheels??

    I have a Samsonite 4 wheeler (material, not hard shell) and the back two wheels have split. Can they be replaced? Is there anywhere in Brisbane that replaces them? The bag is otherwise fine. Seems some of the cobblestones, etc, were a bit rough for it on our last trip. Oops!
  16. Katie

    London - Christmas - Church Services

    Hi, We will be in London from 22-28 December. Mr Katie is keen to go to St. Paul's for their Christmas Eve church service. Has anyone done this before? What were crowds like? How early should we get there? Will a cab to Highbury after the service cost us our first born? Is there a cab...
  17. Katie

    QF9 arrival Chauffeur Drive - should I bother??

    :D:D:D Our points UG on QF9 Thurs night from Y+ to J just came through, and at over 48hours before the flight!! Bounce, bounce, bounce! I've booked chauffeur drive for our domestic departure. Should I bother with chauffeur drive on arrival at LHR (12:30pm ish arrival with the re-timed...
  18. Katie

    Doubletrees in UK - do they have laundries?

    Hi, We are staying in a couple of Doubletrees next month in the UK. I'm not clear from the websites about their laundry facilities. The site typically mentions 'Laundry/Dry Cleaning Service" - I read this as there is no on-site laundry, free or paid, that guests can use. Is that correct? I...
  19. Katie

    Berlin: family accommodation in December?

    We're going to have a long weekend in Berlin in December. I'm seeking recommendation for accommodation, preferably under Eur200. I've stayed in a few different places in Berlin (Circus Hostel, a hostel in Schöneburg, and somewhere random in 97, can't even remember where that was, dodgy as...
  20. Katie

    Room booking with/without child?

    I've booked a Queen bed room at a Hilton group hotel (points redemption - 50k points) and noted only two adults in the booking. Adding Little Miss 8 was only showing rooms at mich higher cost and over 300k for the night. I'm wondering what might happen when we check in: Get Mr Katie to check...