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Search results

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    Incredibly Sad News - the 747 Program has ended

    There is some incredibly sad news today, and that is that Boeing has pulled the plug on the 747 program (as per Executive Traveller, link below). My first flight on the Queen of the Skies was a flight from Chicago to Paris when I was about five years old, and this aircraft is probably the...
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    A sad end to the A380

    As reported on Reuters (link below), the parts to build the last A380 are on their way to Toulouse, where the final A380 will be manufactured and the program will draw to a close early next year. Personally, this is very sad news, as I'm sure it is for a number of people all over the world...
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    Who is flying to Australia now?

    Hi All, I was just wondering what are people's thoughts - about a number of airlines restarting passenger flights to Australia. It seems like all the major ME carriers have restarted services to the major cities in Australia, SQ is restarting services either this month or next month, as is...
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    Travel Insurance in the UK Help

    Hi All, I can't seem to find the answer to this anywhere! I've moved to the UK (on a 3 year work visa) from Australia and will be going to the US in a couple of days (for 1 week). I have now been in the UK for 1 month, have registered with a GP and have a UK address. I can't find a single...
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    QF/EK Partnership LHR - DXB

    Gooday Folks, I was wondering if anyone knew what is going on with the QF/EK partnership regarding flights out of London to Dubai? I tried to search on the QF website and Skyscanner, Google Flights etc and I can't find any flights between LHR/LGW and DXB that are EK metal but QF codeshare...
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    Oneworld Benefits between QF and BA

    Hi All, I would like to confirm something. I'm currently Qantas Gold and have relocated to London, so it makes more sense I believe to start earning BA Avios and status. If I do this, and stay in the UK for a few years, I will lose QF Status. If I do return home I would want to build up my QF...
  7. H

    EK405 (Melbourne - Singapore) 777-300ER Age

    Hi All, I've been following the aircraft EK use to fly this route and lately it has been fairly old aircraft (10+ years). Does anyone know if EK has refurbished the first class cabins in some of these much older aircraft? Or is the IFE and seats effectively the very first version?
  8. H

    Combining a revenue ticket and award ticket

    Hi Guys, I hope this hasn't been posted somewhere but I bought two tickets recently: - Award redemption MEL-SIN-DXB-CDG on Emirates, departing at 7 pm; and - Revenue ticket from SYD-MEL departing at 1 pm. I originally booked the award ticket thinking I will be in Melbourne that weekend...
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    Answered Thoroughfare (married?) Segments

    Hi All, So I have a flight booked using QF points on Emirates that is MEL-DXB-DUS. I wanted to change the last sector to be DXB-CDG, however when I tried this with QF last night, I was told my MEL-DXB-DUS flight was a thoroughfare and cannot be changed at all, apart from cancelling the whole...
  10. H

    F Check In at Melbourne

    Hi All, I'm flying from MEL on QF 35 (departing 11:55) in July and wanted to know what is the earliest time I can check in. I've heard and read some threads here that check in at Melbourne is only open 3 hours before departure, however, I've also heard that if there are other QF flights with...
  11. H

    QF 35 vs QF 1

    Gooday Everyone, I was hoping someone may shed some light on the main differences in services between these two flights. I understand they only started 5 days ago, but I was wondering if someone could shed some light on the first class services, in particular these points: - Meals (QF 35...
  12. H

    New Emirates 777 First Class

    Emirates has announced the routes that will get the new 777 first class beginning December 1st; Geneva and Brussels. This is an excerpt from the Emirates' press report: Operating one of the two daily flights from Dubai to Geneva, travellers can enjoy the new product on flight EK083 departing...
  13. H

    Card Promotions Bendigo Bank Qantas Platinum Mastercard

    As per Ausbt, Bendigo Bank are launching a Qantas FF credit card: With no sign-up bonus, only 0.6 points per dollar and no points earned on ATO payments, I don't see why anyone would even bother?
  14. H

    QF/EK Codeshare

    Hi All, I was wondering if someone could help me out with this. There are many destinations, mainly in Africa that Emirates flies to, but you cannot get a QF flight code on these flights. I tried to book a flight out of either Tunis, Cairo or Casablanca, however the agent told me that they...
  15. H

    EK metal, QF Flight Number

    Good evening All, I know that if you fly Emirates, you can code your ticket to a Qantas number so that you earn status credits and Qantas points. I understand a fair few of these would have to be done via the Qantas service centre, but my question is; would the price to fly an Emirates...
  16. H

    Award Pricing between Europe and the Mid East

    Hi All, According to the AA website, an award fare for a flight on a Oneworld carrier between Europe and the Mid East in business/first is 42500 miles. I tried to book a ticket from Istanbul to Kuwait (stopover in Doha) with Qatar Airways in business class. Now Qatar only offer F on intra...
  17. H

    Check in at SYD

    Gooday All, I'm flying out on BA16 next week, which departs at 16:30. What is the earliest time I can check in? I'm flying into SYD from MEL and my flight gets into SYD at 11am, therefore I was wondering if I could check in early. Thanks.
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    Amex Platinum Edge significantly diminished points earning potential

    Is anyone else feeling like the platinum edge card is becoming less valuable and almost not worth having at an annual fee of $195 per year? 2 years ago as an example you had a membership rewards bonus section with some great offers such as buying at Bose was an extra 5 points per dollar...
  19. H

    MEL F vs SYD F Lounge

    Gooday folks, I'm hoping a few of the experts here can enlighten me to the differences between the lounges in Melbourne and Sydney. I know that the SYD F lounge is a lot bigger and has better views? Although my guess is a lot of the better views in Sydney has something to do with the...
  20. H

    Check in at Melbourne Airport

    Gooday All, I'm flying EK 407 in a few weeks out of Melbourne (departure 10.25 pm). As I would like to spend as much time as possible in the QF F lounge, I was wondering if anyone knew for certain when the earliest possible check in was? I was under the assumption that it is 3 hours, however, I...