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Search results

  1. ayebee

    Sundowners Tours denying refund without large fee

    Our Sundowners tour late August departure was cancelled, with the company invoking force majeure. That was to be expected. We had paid deposit of about $4400. They proposed to offer a travel credit with a 10% bonus, usable by mid 2022. That didn't suit us so we asked for a refund as per the...
  2. ayebee

    Ships and Planes (sorry no trains)

    Not often do you see ships outnumber planes to this extent. Couple of screenshots just now of our part of the world. There are a lot of ship crew out there moving between countries even with borders "closed". I hope the protocols at ports are being managed appropriately. ng between
  3. ayebee

    Ads on AFF Home pages and articles

    Hi, I paid my subscription to AFF, with one of the reasons being to kill the ads. However, when I go to "Home" page it is plastered with ads. Also if I go to the articles listed there. One particularly annoying aspect of the embedded ads is they have differing dimensions, so when they change...
  4. ayebee

    Free Paragon Sports New York - US$20 gift card valid to 20 Jan 2020

    Hi Sports fans I recently scored a US$20 gift card as a bonus when buying some stuff at Paragon Sports New York (18th St and Broadway) Unfortunately it was only valid from the next day (so I was unable to use it) and is valid to 20 Jan. It is not a lot of $$ but if you are thinking of buying...
  5. ayebee

    TAP (Portugal) just cancelled my flight

    This is a new one for me ... I have a reservation with TAP (Porto - Newark) where I received an email simply stating my flight had changed, and when reading realised they moved us to a flight nearly 24 hours later. Any advice on whether they should be paying for the extra night accommodation...
  6. ayebee

    Answered 2 wheel cabin bag - so hard to find

    This might start the 2 v 4 wheel arguments, but I want / need a new "international" sized cabin bag and I would like a 2 wheeler, under 2kg and robust enough to be occasionally checked. Looking around the luggage stores and even online it is all 4 wheels. Any suggestions ?
  7. ayebee

    Qatar - Doha "First Class" lounge

    In economy on Qatar with a 6 hour connection at Doha, and was offered paid access to "First Class Lounge" @ around $120 pp when I made the booking. Seemed reasonable for a rare experience if it really was a "First Class" lounge, but it isn't. When you look at the Qatar website it only mentions...
  8. ayebee

    Qatar offers discount for MTC audiences

    As a Melbourne Theatre Company patron I received email yesterday - text below. Doubt you need to show a theatre ticket :-) Qatar Airways is pleased to offer Melbourne Theatre Company audiences a fantastic discount valid for travel to some of their newest European destinations worldwide...
  9. ayebee

    Venice Emirates (partner) lounge

    Will be departing Venice VCE on Emirates J next month. I found out a friend will coincidentally be on same flight in Y. I understand Emirates use the "Marco Polo" partner lounge. Can anyone advise if I can take a guest into an Emirates lounge in a situation like this?
  10. ayebee

    Answered New York New York [Any "less mainstream" experiences?]

    We have been to NYC a number of times as our daughter has been studying there for last 5 years. At first you start with the obvious attractions, and progressively explore various neighbourhoods and looked for the less obvious. We are heading to NYC twice this year. While checking latest...
  11. ayebee

    Switzerland Europcar - Wrong ID for Traffic fine

    Have resolved my problem ... but posting as a possibly useful reference if others have similar problem. I rented a car at Zurich Airport from Europcar in September 2016. Recently I received from Swiss police a traffic violation for a date a year later. I was in Australia. Contacting the...
  12. ayebee

    USA ESTA asks for social media IDs

    Had to renew my ESTA for an upcoming visit and noted the form now asks about your presence on social media. I am assuming this is fairly recent as the questions have not yet appeared on at least a couple of those agency" sites that helpfully offer to take extra money for your application. It...
  13. ayebee

    Free 1x Qantas Club pass if you are quick - expires this mnth

    Turns out a pass was not needed today (business upgrade) and will just expire at end of this month .... unless you let me know quick smart & I can give it to you.