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Search results

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    Diner's Club - lounge access on arrival?

    Anyone know if this is allowed? Can't find anything on the Diner's Club site. I'd prefer to have something in writing I can refer to rather than just a call.
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    Answered Any downsides on the Diner's Club Lounge access?

    Having lost my Gold status at Virgin I spotted the article on the front page of the site today which mentioned Diner's Club as a way to gain lounge access. I've checked up the list of lounges and it seems pretty good (more than 850 at present?). I have no interest in claiming rewards as I am...
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    Retaining (gifted) Platinum

    My partner and I have pooled for several years. We were able to get her to Platinum and last year had enough to gift me first Gold then also Platinum (we had quite a few business class work trips on my part plus a USA trip for the family). This year its unlikely we can do the same so I called...
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    Status credit requirements - fixed amount?

    We have pooled all of our VA accounts to my partner and as a result she is at Platinum. She currently has 640 credits required by next March to retain her status. Does this value change as we go through the year or is it fixed? I seem to remember one of the qualifying factors changing...