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Search results

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    Dan Murphy's and Other Wine Deals

    Chandon sparkling Pinot Noir Shiraz $10 at 1st choice forestville, SYD. I'm actually not keen on sparkling red, but this might be light. Or not.
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    Dan Murphy's and Other Wine Deals

    Grant Burge Cameron Vale Cab Sav $10 @ VC Chatswood (Pacific Hwy store)
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    The Pinot Noir Thread

    Thanks QAZ got some Drumborg. My 1st post on this Pinot forum, I'm usually into other reds but getting into more "finesse" in (some of) my drinking habits. I thought going a pinot from the "Drumborg" range would be a safe bet.
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    Dan Murphy's and Other Wine Deals

    I love Bethany wines and I think their rrp is very reasonable for the quality. I'd just like to share something that happened when I visited the winery, only been there once, and when I went to pay for wine the lady said "I recognise you"! I said no I've never been here before but she said yes...
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    Dan Murphy's and Other Wine Deals

    it's a semi industrial area north of Brisbane where I was getting some welding done.Pick your area;)
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    Dan Murphy's and Other Wine Deals

    Receipt as requested by pm
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    Dan Murphy's and Other Wine Deals

    I bought 6 bottles yesterday of various "3 for $36" (inc. Penfords Max and Taylors Jaraman) and it went through the register as portions of "4 for $40". So total $60 for 6. Yet today I found some St. Hugo (just 2 bottles) and again bought multiples from the "3 for.." but it went through at "3...
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    Is it Time to transfer/withdraw points from Velocity?

    As I understand it, VelocityFF is a separate entity to Virgin Australia. Sure, now wholly owned by VA since VA bought back the 35% it didn't own for $M700 last year. So it is (was) a net $2Billion company, even after liabilities (inc. my points!). Surely it's still worth something (+ve equity)...
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    The "I am in self-isolation" thread

    I wonder if there will be an increase or decrease in birth rates in 9 months time.
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    Can Boeing and the 737 survive?

    That worked for their motor industry, gave $80billion in return for equity. Ended up losing only $10 billion when they finally sold out. Small price to save a million jobs, wouldn't have taken long to get that back in income tax from the millon workers ($10,000ea) and saved a trillion $ industry
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    Urgent help - Reward Booking error

    Don't forget your Citi credit card!:)
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    Any international flights still operating to Australia?

    And still,they come... Just look at flightradar24 or similar app Immediate Edit: sorry, didn't read your"after 26th"
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    Dan Murphy's and Other Wine Deals

    A very wise retirement lifestyle investment
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    Dan Murphy's and Other Wine Deals

    "Murphy's is facing fulfilment challenges as a result of Coronavirus.." OMG there goes my isolation survival plan
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    General Discussion/Q&A on Coronavirus (COVID-19)

    Boarding a Jetstar flight Sydney to brisbane right now, I thought it might be almost empty but it's packed! Must be full of rescheduled WPs!
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    General Discussion/Q&A on Coronavirus (COVID-19)

    I was at Woolworths Gordon this morning for the"seniors" hour. Pandemonium! Caused by Woolworths! No checkouts were open except for the service desk! (and of course the self check out). Shelves just as empty (no normal rice and of course no t paper, tissues et c.) The queue was literally twice...
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    Dan Murphy's and Other Wine Deals

    All seems to correlate except the alcohol %. But maybe it's just Dan's mistake, changed the vintage of the Sorby Adams to 2016 but not the % alcohol (the 2015 was 14.7%, 2016 15%)
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    Qantas Revenue booking cancellations (under covid19)

    No, but when you find out would you post please. I've 2 award flights for wife&daughter I am considering cancelling, but I've no idea what "...change fees waived" means when you "no longer wish to travel" which 33kft found on the qfa site. As they were MY points, I would hope they would (all) be...
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    Why do Airlines charge a joining fee for Lounge Memberships?

    and also exclude retired industry staff etc traveling on any ID50 or greater discount? Fuse lit.