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Search results

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    Offered 10,000 points for no vegetarian meal in J (Domestic 737)

    ^ I'd agree, most vegetarians can be difficult. I'm of the "Just a glass of water and I'm good" minority, anything extra is a bonus. I once traveled 5 countries with a vegan...certainly some challenging times! :oops:
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    Offered 10,000 points for no vegetarian meal in J (Domestic 737)

    So I had an interesting experience yesterday morning on my MEL > BNE flight. Just 3 of us in J and roughly 20% empty in Y. Being vegetarian (not vegan) I was a bit surprised to only have 1 meal choice available which wouldn't work. No vegetarian option was loaded in MEL. The J manager did his...
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    How long does it usually take VA to upgrade your tier?

    My last SG flight on 14/12/18 (flight was delayed to the 15th actually) then email / app showed WP upgrade on the 19th
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    Flybuys Targeted Bonus Promotions

    First thread so hopefully I've got this one right. Coles has a 10,000 Flybuys bonus points up for grabs when you spend at least $180 every week up to Christmas and swipe your Flybuys card. This bonus alone (not counting the original points you'll earn depending on spend) equates to 4350...
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    Velocity Double SC Offer NZ (book by 14/12)

    Thanks so much for this, long time lurker literally signed up to say thanks! Flying MCY to AKL via MEL in J works out to a staggering 560 SC's for only approximately $1,600, roughly $3 per SC! Now I'll easily hit Platinum by Christmas. Assuming MCY to MEL leg is counted as part of the double SC...