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Search results

  1. MickC32

    SYD airside bag drop?

    Hi team, I'm flying SYD-PER this evening, if I take my bag throughto the QP have a shower and put on fresh clothes for the flight is there somewhere I can check my bag in airside? Or do I need to exit and go to the regular bag drop? Thanks in advance. Cheers
  2. MickC32

    Boarding pass in Apple Wallet no longer

    On Monday I flew PER-ADL and loaded my boarding pass to me Apple Wallet as per normal. On my return on Wednesday the pass would not load on to the Wallet App from the Qantas App. I asked at the lounge for a printed boarding pass and mentioned to the lounge staff that I was unable to load the BP...
  3. MickC32

    Original routing credits - originally JQ but flown QF

    Hi all, On Sunday I was booked on JQ PER-ADL that was cancelled. I was put on an earlier QF flight so all good. I had a max bundle booked that would get me 30 status credits but the QF flight has only gven me 15 SC. How do I chase original routing credits? Via QF or JQ? Any advice...
  4. MickC32

    QF to JQ in Sydney

    Hi all. My family and I have a trip coming up Perth to Ballina. Per-Syd is on QF then on JQ to Ballina. All on 1 ticket but I understand we will have to collect and re-check bags. My query is, does anyone have any tips please when it comes to carting bags and kids between terminals in...
  5. MickC32

    B737 IFE seems a bit dodgy?

    Has anyone else noticed the IFE on B737's with seatback screens (not streaming) seems to stop a lot, splutter, slow down, audio doesn't keep in line with video etc? My last few flights this has happened, once to the point I had to stop a movie. Last night I could barely stand it but really...
  6. MickC32

    How many flights do you take each year?

    Hi, apologies if this has been covered in the past, a quick search netted no results. I was just wondering how many flights per year some AFFers take each year? Last year I did a travel diary just for interest sake and hit 42 for the year. All domestic, all bar 4 on QF, always Y and usually...
  7. MickC32

    Best seats on B717's?

    I have just booked one of my regular PER-ADL return trips in Y but the return leg is a B717. Any advice on which are the best seats to grab? This is my first time on a 717. Thanks, Mick
  8. MickC32

    Long time flyer....first time poster!

    A mate of mine who flies way more than me put me on to AFF.....loving it so far. I thought I flew a lot but reading the threads and comments here I am a mere amateur!