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Search results

  1. mella2007

    First ever cruise: Norwegian Epic from Rome (7 nights)

    Have just arrived home in Australia from a long trip in Europe...of which the highlight was the much anticipated cruise on the EPIC leaving Rome on the 10th July for 7 nights. This was our first ever cruise (Husband and I...mid 30's) and my first ever review, so please don't attack me if...
  2. mella2007

    London Travel Tips. Getting around, Food, Sayings...and anything else

    Hi Everyone I am putting together a 2 page guide for people who have never travelled to London before for an upcoming trip. Everything from getting around, food and drink costs, must see tourist destinations, sayings (words that we might use but not used in the UK) or anything else you think...
  3. mella2007

    What background are you from and does it factor into your choices of destinations?

    Soo....I have spent around 1/2 hour thinking about how to word this and in no way whatsoever do I want it to be interpreted into something that it's not. What background are you from and does it factor into where you choose to travel? I'll start. I am in a reflective mood this evening (Happy...
  4. mella2007

    How long does an International Drivers Licence last?

    Just going through travel stuff for Europe and just curious as to how long an international drivers licence lasts? Looked right through it and can't find an expiry date or explanation anywhere. It was issued last year in April
  5. mella2007

    Birthday ideas in Singapore

    On our upcoming trip it will be Mr Mella's birthday while we are in Singapore. (Lucky him! Last year he had it in Italy). We have never been to SIN. I have brought Universal Studios tickets for that date as he really wanted to go, but I'm searching for other ideas to make his birthday special...
  6. mella2007

    Has the HSW gone downhill in Elite Treatment?

    Re: How do Hilton treat you as an Elite? Status: Gold Property: HSW Date: 21/22 March Booked: 1 x King Guest Room Received: Twin Guest Room Rate: $240 Worst Hilton stay in 3 years of any Hilton hotel worldwide. Where do I start? (and some of you know the story already so I'll keep it brief)...
  7. mella2007

    Night wasted. On phone with VA for another hour and EY for 90mins

    With the phone in one ear and typing with another, it has been a complete waste of a beautiful evening tonight with the hassle that is VA and also EY. In a nutshell. My status credits and points still not showing properly after the Sabre changeover, this in spite probably 10 hours in total on...
  8. mella2007

    Sentosa Island. Best hotel?

    I do have the Conrad in Singapore booked for an upcoming trip, but was looking at Sentosa Island hotels and thought we may stay 1 night there during our stay as we plan on doing Universal Studios and few other things on the island. Any suggestions or first hand info? A lot of the TA reviews are...
  9. mella2007

    Systems lost as EY flight to MEL diverts to SIN

    I don't remember hearing anything about this at the time...on Feb 2 an EY from AUH to MEL had to divert to SIN due to systems going down after turbulence. Were any AFF's on the flight? Funny enough the Herald Sun seem to be confused between EY and EK going by the heading in the article...
  10. mella2007

    What is the best Europe Sim at the moment?

    I had no luck with the sim I brought last year (it didn't work), so on the look out for a SIM I can use for both calls and data across the UK, Italy, France, Greece, Spain...and also travelling to Singapore and UAE (but not fussed if it doesn't work there) Suggestions on who to use? Preference...
  11. mella2007

    VA Reward Seat on EY: Chauffeur service

    Does anyone know if the free chauffeur service is available when booking a business reward seat on EY through VA? Can't fine anything about it via both website's, and would come in handy as have 3 upcoming reward flights on EY in J.
  12. mella2007

    Who should I fly with one way SIN/LHR

    Seeing as though I'm having no luck with anymore Velocity rewards at the moment and getting closer to June travel time, I have to bite the bullet and book the last remaining leg of an upcoming trip. I don't necessarily have to fly out of SIN (could fly to KUL, HKG, BKK and then onwards to...
  13. mella2007

    Missing VA Flight Attendant

    I wanted to do this post just to spread the word...wasn't sure if here or in the VA forum was more appropriate. VA Flight Attendant has been missing since Australia Day. Last seen leaving his home and nothing taken with him I hope he is found safe and well. Terrific to see social media support...
  14. mella2007

    Tiger is "sorry" for disappointing service...

    Tiger have gotten support from their pax by posting a message on FB saying sorry for their call centre service. They are also moving to a new call centre on Feb 1st. Passengers pleased by the message, going by the FB comments and the 27 likes on the "Gotta respect a company that can admit to...
  15. mella2007

    Aussie Cruise lovers drink and exercise more...but complain less

    For those of you AFF's that like to'll be happy to know that Aussies drink more coffee then Americans (not hard to understand after you've tasted coffee is the US), more white wine and more gin and tonics. We also exercise more, complain less and more sun smart. Well all according...
  16. mella2007

    Travel Bank and Gift Vouchers together as payment. Painful call centre experience

    So according to the call centre rep today, whom I spent a delightful 90 MINS on the phone with, I am the first customer to try and book using both the new Travel Bank system and a gift voucher at the same time. She couldn't have been nicer, however the booking still isn't complete, as the system...
  17. mella2007

    Columbus Direct vs TID

    It's the time of year for me to renew my yearly travel insurance. I have been happy with TID and their service with the 1 claim I have ever done on about 6 policies, but a $50 difference in price between them and Columbus (using the AFF 20% I can get). That's still after I've used a TID coupon...
  18. mella2007

    Hilton will be offering a challenge for customers who haven't maintained their status

    Just got off the phone with Hilton regarding a number of account issues. Had the most wonderful service experience with the rep on the phone, and when discussing the various challenge programs and whether I have retained status for the rest of the year (I have, on base points but wasn't sure)...
  19. mella2007

    Booked my 1st cruise!

    Very excited this week to have booked our 1st ever cruise! Never been interested to get onboard a P & O, so why not get onboard on the other side of the world instead! 7 nights on the Norwegian Epic leaving from Cvitiavecchia (Rome) in July and ports are Livorno (Florence/Pisa), Marsellie...
  20. mella2007

    Travel Bank

    Not sure if anyone else has it, but received an email from VA regarding the new Travel Bank system which keeps credit shells all together and which you can use as a form of payment when booking online or via the call centre, instead of having to manually call up with each PNR number. Good...