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Search results

  1. D

    Successful ASA Bookings booked at classic rates Reference Guide

    Re: Sucessful ASA Bookings booked at classic rates Reference Guide Feb 14| Feb 14 | J | BNE-SYD-BNE | 32000 | $209.78 | 80 SC
  2. D

    I'm in the VA Lounge thread

    Does anybody know what happened to the sandwich toasters? Definitely missing on sat 30/3 in bne. And I couldn't see it in Mel either.
  3. D

    Current F Lounge Menu (SYD/MEL) and relevant topics

    For the times when you are already full of salt and pepper squid and tattinger but still a little peckish. There is always the " plate of sides"
  4. D

    Brisbane drinks. Wed 26th @ chalk hotel

    Would have come but will be in BKK
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    RA referral giveaway

    Ok here we go My ex favourite IC in Sydney Once honoured the rules of IHG Ambassador upgrades On vouchers are not made Only mini bar bennies will soothe me In contrast the IC in Fiji Did all that they could do to please me They remembered our names And just why we came So now its my favourite IC
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    Formula for Priority Club Miles?

    Yeah markis10 I found the link to the earning table when I got off the iphone onto a pc , what the call centre told me was not correct.. So then, if I am staying in say Fiji for several days, then the best value collection method is perhaps... the Hilton
  7. D

    Formula for Priority Club Miles?

    I would believe what I read here rather than what the call centre says (seriously)
  8. D

    Formula for Priority Club Miles?

    Just rang and they are quoting 3miles per dollar for Aust intercontinental properties and flat 600 miles per stay for QFF and 1000 miles per stay for velocity at intercontinentals outside Aust but excluding US ones
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    Card Promotions Virgin 50000 points and 100 SCs Gold, 200SC for Plat(targetted & 7.5K spend)

    Or westfield gift cards and earn a few more points
  10. D

    4 Velocity rewards plus credit card rewards

    Therefore whats in post #2 does seem a little unnecessary
  11. D

    4 Velocity rewards plus credit card rewards

    Just ordered 5 x $200 cards and earned 4100 points. Interesting that I was offered the opportunity to pay with a Westfield gift card.......
  12. D

    Overview of Best Status Run Options [not the discussion thread]

    Top list. And all in one place. Thanks
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    4 Velocity rewards plus credit card rewards

    Just tried to buy one of these online, doesnt seem to have a place to enter the velocity number,so I tried a dummy purchase from one of the other stores, which did ask for the FF number. Has anyone actually purchased and received the points for a giftcard purchase?
  14. D

    westfield xs giftcards

    Thats it! Now to find out if they will work in any Eftpos machine :lol: Thanks Markis10
  15. D

    westfield xs giftcards

    I was browsing last night and came across a thread where there was discussion about being not being able to use these at various places, can anyone who recalls where this thread is point me in the right direction, I have searched high and low and cant locate it anywhere. Also does anyone know if...
  16. D

    Free Accor Platinum Status *closed*

    Re: Free Accor Platinum Status Forgot to add, Stay History and forward reservations have carried over from my old A|Club number to the new one ( didnt have any points in there to worry about)
  17. D

    Free Accor Platinum Status *closed*

    Re: Free Accor Platinum Status This worked fine for me just now. I used the first link in post #1 which linked to the view from the wing article and linked from there. One observation though, I was logged into my A|Club account on the computer at first and it didnt like that, I was getting the...
  18. D

    Sydney T2 Qantas Club

    My 2c worth. I have just finished BNE MEL HKG SYD BNE (why go direct etc) on QF in Y (actually it was in O ) I am WP and was traveling with wife and 2 teenagers. I had no problem accessing J lounge in BNE or SYD or F lounge in MEL or HKG. I just asked nicely and always was told no problem