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Search results

  1. Durin's Bane

    New Qantas SIN F Lounge [Open Dec 2nd 2019]

    Fellow AFFs, We travelled through Singapore last week, which gave me and my family a chance to sample this new F lounge. Overall we loved it, with great staff and excellent food. Showers can’t compare to the CX F Cabanas at HKG but few can in One World. Still happy with the SIN F Lounge...
  2. Durin's Bane

    Answered Qantas Seat Availability – Perth to Singapore (Return)

    I hope so, thanks for the tip. I spoke with Qantas premium again today who advised the same.
  3. Durin's Bane

    Answered Qantas Seat Availability – Perth to Singapore (Return)

    Yes done this a few times for Status runs on MH in the past (before simpler and fairer... ;) ) Would prefer not to only because it adds more segments to the trip, but I have it as a last resort I guess.
  4. Durin's Bane

    Answered Qantas Seat Availability – Perth to Singapore (Return)

    Fellow AFFs, We have planned a trip to Vancouver at the end of 2019, and I have managed to secure award bookings in J flying Cathay Pacific between SIN and YVR via HKG, and then the same return. We are two adults and two kids (i.e. 4x pax). First prize was PER-HKG-YVR but unfortunately this...
  5. Durin's Bane

    Discussion/Q&A on Best QF Status Run Options

    Just booked PER-SYD-CHC-SYD-PER over a weekend in Feb 2019. Cost $2,300 for 640 SC (includes double SC promotion), $3.60 per SC which is pretty good! Will guarantee WP for next year now...
  6. Durin's Bane

    Discussion/Q&A on Best QF Status Run Options

    I just did a quick two day DPS-KUL-LGK return over the Easter break on MH J class ($410 for 200SC), with PER-DPS return on JQ Y class with Plus bundle ($520 for 50SC) to push me over 1200 SC line for this year. MH provide excellent value for Oz based QFF members. Next year if I need to do a...
  7. Durin's Bane

    Answered Identifying your luggage

    We use coloured ribbons on the suitcase handles. Touch wood my bags have never been taken by someone else... but once back in 2003 I took someone else's bag off the carousel in Singapore Changi by mistake, only to realise my error when I got to the hotel. I dashed back to Changi, but the...
  8. Durin's Bane

    Bonus 50% Status Credits Offer

    Yes it was, I guess I was mistaken.
  9. Durin's Bane

    Bonus 50% Status Credits Offer

    Guys, I received a 50% bonus status credits offer late last week. Did anyone else get this? I haven’t seen any threads on this, so assume a targeted promo. I want to use this one, I received the double status credits promo late last year and never used it!! :oops: I need to book an eligible...
  10. Durin's Bane

    What's your Uber experience?

    Finally started using Uber around October 2016... haven't used a taxi since. ;) Every trip has been 5 star experience. Can't believe I didn't get on board years ago like my wife!!
  11. Durin's Bane

    MH Booking Class

    MH Status Earn in J is best within Asia. Any MH flights in J flights from an Australian city to an Asian city or return will give you an unpleasant surprise... Use the following table for reference:
  12. Durin's Bane

    Great value QF fares ex SIN

    Good return trip for a Sandgroper if anyone was keen to do a status run with MH ex SIN throughout SE Asia. That's why I bought mine last night, nicer way to get home after J class throughout Asia than typical JQ red eye horror... :cool:
  13. Durin's Bane

    Great value QF fares ex SIN

    Anyone seen the sale fares SIN to PER around New Years’ time? Just picked up business class saver ticket for $499 on QF! Do they do this often? DB
  14. Durin's Bane

    New Star Wars film *** Spoiler Alert***

    I was very disappointed in in this film. A poor man's Episode IV. Coincidence upon coincidence, plot holes galore, I mean how come the Empire builds these death stars that are so easily destroyed. I liked Daisy Ridley’ performance as Rey, however she somehow managed to be a top mechanic...
  15. Durin's Bane

    Status Run options for Perth based AFF

    No probs! Fingers crossed we don't get any further changes from Qantas in relation to SC earn on these MH J flights... FYI I may now need to go to China for work (via Hong Kong) in a few weeks, so will look at the good status runs out of PVG! ;)
  16. Durin's Bane

    Status Run options for Perth based AFF

    I have no trouble sleeping in Y on most airlines, but these JQ seats were atrocious! Good luck with your SC run! :)
  17. Durin's Bane

    Status Run options for Perth based AFF

    Guys, I just got back yesterday from completing this status run. All went to plan with no issues. Some notes from the trip are below: - This was my first Jetstar international trip, and it was fine but I found the seats to be far more uncomfortable than those in Y on Qantas. Will definitely...
  18. Durin's Bane

    What is the better WP 2400sc bonus?

    I've managed to hit the 2400SC threshold twice, I once took 50k points and the other time gave PG to my wife who was flying a lot that year.
  19. Durin's Bane

    Malaysia airlines status credits & points posting time?

    End of 2013 flew to and from KUL and BKK on MH in J, and SCs and points were posted the day after flying for me.