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Search results

  1. J

    Saver Lite SC's

    Did a quick search with no definite answer. Is the SC earn rate exactly the same for Saver and Saver Lite ? I haven't flown a Lite fare before so not sure.
  2. J

    2 for 1 certificates

    If staying 4 nights in a single stay can you use 2 certificates. The fine print isn't obvious. Although there doesn't seem a way to book this apart from 2 consecutive bookings.
  3. J

    Platinum Complimentary Partner Benefits

    I have yet to use the hotel bonus as I already have a Platinum level. What's the chance that if I choose existing membership and put in my wife's member number that it will go through. Obviously different first names.
  4. J

    Best Accor Option in Perth

    Any opinions ? I am an Advantage Plus member and like everyone its Platinum. I also have Priority Privilege with Platinum if the accommodation options are better.
  5. J

    Amex with lounge access

    I noticed that Amex are offering lounge entry passes with Gold and Platinum cards. Why on earth would VA give them this option when the lounges are already bursting with status members ?
  6. J

    Partner Status Renewal

    I gave partner Platinum to my wife last year, to renew this are less SC's required ? The same as renewing independently ? Potentially better to let her fall to Gold and give my daughter some status. I can't quite do both. They only travel with me so the only real benefit is the points bonus...
  7. J

    VA Site Issues ?

    When I search for flights it shows no prices. When I select flights I still see no pricing in the right frame and you can't continue to the next page anyway. Is everyone seeing this ?
  8. J

    QF/Emirates Alliance

    Ok. You're all think what's this thread doing here. :) The questions are to do with Virgin. What's different about the Virgin/Etihad alliance compared to the Qantas/Emirates alliance ? There was an awful lot of who ha over the Qantas deal that I don't recall Virgin going through with Etihad...
  9. J

    Value of Status

    Got on a flight in Sydney yesterday and it seemed most of the flight had status, going by the queues and bag tags. This after coming from an uncomfortably full lounge. Got me thinking. If everyone has status, is there really any status ! Kind of like, if a tree falls in a forest and no one...
  10. J

    J Seating A330-200

    Any opinions on the best seats in J on the A330-200 (version 1, 2x2x2). I have not been on this aircraft before, my Perth trips are few and far between.
  11. J

    Platinum Edge Flights and SC's

    Has anyone had any experience whether SC's are posting for Amex free flights whilst VA has its rewards promo running.
  12. J

    QF Status Match for VA FF's

    After being disappointed with VA on a number of things, I thought maybe it was worth giving QF a go (I have never flown with anyone but VA). So I contacted QF and asked for a status match given that they were now flying out of OOL and this wasn't previously an option. (this was last year) But...
  13. J

    Companion Membership Question

    Does anybody know if the companion membership offer, if you have achieved it, expires when your Review Date passes. I received a call saying I could use the companion membership I just need to call the Platinum line to organise. Thinking about it, if my wife gets status for 12 months it makes...
  14. J

    Audit Adjustment ?

    Has anyone else seen this in their activity. Auth: ******* Reason: AUDADJ Desc: Audit Adjustment I removed the name (***)
  15. J

    The Non-Flexible Flexi Fare

    Given that it actually costs more to cancel a flexi fare for a credit than it does to cancel a saver fare, the only option is to do a flight change. Can you endlessly change flights to in effect giving you a credit for when you actually decide you can use it. Or is there restrictions stopping this ?
  16. J

    Virgin CC 2 for 1 - Half points only

    It seems that flights booked on the 2 for 1 are only eligible for 50% points. Is this correct ? I booked myself and my daughter using 2 for 1 and points posted as 573 each wilst my wife's points posted as 1145. This is the first time I have used it so it appears this is how it works. Status...
  17. J

    Confused Post Requalifying

    I am a little confused. After requlifying Platinum, additional Status credits required to maintain by Dec 2012 changes to Acheived. I expected it to reset to 800 for the next cycle with an updated date to maintain based on the date the requal was achieved, so July 2013 ?
  18. J

    Virgin Money 2 for 1 Offer and SC's

    Using the Virgin Money 2 for 1 Offer I assume SC's are credited to both flights as normal given the flights are simple booked with a 50% discount. Can anyone confirm ?
  19. J

    Current Double SC's Offer

    Just had some double SC's post but my wife and daughter recieved the standard allocation. I thought this offer applied to everyone ?
  20. J

    Velocity Outage ?

    Anyone else not able to login ? 3.50pm (Tues 7th)