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    VA status credits flying SQ

    Are you seeing the reservation under your krisflyer account or just SQ booking reference. Either way you can call SQ to credit points/SC to VA. You may even be able to do it at check in. If the booking is SQ on an SQ operated flight - you can use SQ points to upgrade a leg. If the booking was...
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    Virgin Australia - Promo Codes (ongoing)

    Re: Virgin Australia: 10% off bookable fares until 31st December 2013 - Promo code TR In my contact with VA over the phone, they say they only charge CC fee when payment amount is over $50. You could also try booking each person separately? or 1 adult + 1 kid per transaction?
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    Collector Gets 422 million Amex points with purchase of ancient cup

    Most. Points. Ever? via fairfax Collector gets 422 million American Express points with purchase of ancient cup
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    Grab every last point, but don't become a victim...

    Although very low balance transfers often have an even better interest rate than home loans!
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    Has anyone had success with the call-up "Marginal" xASA's?

    Re: Successful ASA Bookings booked at classic rates Reference Guide I checked my activity statement this morning and nothing yet but itinerary is accessible
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    Booking Award Flights on Etihad - First time

    Don't know what the redemption rate is with EY, but redeemed VA return J reward SYD to Europe on mixed EY/VA flights for 250,000 points + taxes (~$160)
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    Has anyone had success with the call-up "Marginal" xASA's?

    Re: Successful ASA Bookings booked at classic rates Reference Guide Thanks everyone for bringing this up - sounds like we have come to the end of an era. Being a QFF NB and a rather infrequent flyer. I had limited availability for booking mASA in J let alone F. I did take the plunge today for...
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    SYD-AUH - in J & 9hr overnight layover or Y & 3hr layover?

    Hi it's pretty much as it says in the title, I'm making my first points redemption on VA for VA/EY flights to Europe and the options have me SYD-AUH on VA J or EY Y (no EY J) VA J gets me to AUH at 23:50 with a connecting EY J at 09:30 the following morning EY Y gets me to AUH at 06:25 for...
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    10% Bonus on CC Points Transfers + 10% Off Reward Seats

    There was even a 50% in May 2008.
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    Annual Fee's

    I cancelled my Amex Velocity Platinum this week. No hint of a fee reduction or waiver. But I didn't really push hard for it.
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    Etihad Promos

    Another Etihad Promo in my inbox today ::ETIHAD AIRWAYS:: Advance entry to see Sydney Biennale at 5 locations across Sydney on 18, 19, 20 March before the general public 21 March - 9 June Have to show your Etihad Guest card for entry INVITATION TO PREVIEW THE 19TH BIENNALE OF SYDNEY...
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    Start here has a Dan Murphys special

    Qwibble, another cashback site has 17.6% cashback from wine 14.4% cashback from spirits 9.6% cashback from beer Dan Murphys Cashback - Coupon & Voucher Prices - Qwibble
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    No More Merchandise Redemptions from Membership Rewards Store as of 31/01/2014

    Was on the Amex Membership Rewards site looking for updates found this link from the site above regarding changes to redemptions coming into effect 31st January 2014...
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    Points earn: rounding down.

    I found Amex Plat Edge rounds down, however Velocity Plat Amex seems to carry over the cent value to the next transaction ie 1. $20.95 spend credits 20 points then the next; 2. $10.40 spend credits 11 points