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Recent content by zachary.august

  1. zachary.august

    Qantas Lounge HNL

    Always loved in a nostalgic way the QP in HNL, it reminds me of a bygone time of travel! In comparison to many international lounges it's actually quite decent, the staff are great in my experience though! If it doesn't do the morph any more then I guess you're fine? Always remember they put...
  2. zachary.august

    Just saying. QFFP does not equate to loyalty or status.

    BD, I can see the logic of your argument but I think that ultimately the programs can work side by side, perhaps a SQ style model of offering a PPS club that is earns solely through premium travel.
  3. zachary.august

    Just saying. QFFP does not equate to loyalty or status.

    I'll presume by your use of 'we' that you feel personally wronged by the QF loyalty system? The fact that you can even apply for international upgrades as a no-status member is in of itself generous! Qantas also offers a pathway to higher tier membership i.e purchasing the Qantas Club which is...
  4. zachary.august

    Just saying. QFFP does not equate to loyalty or status.

    That is such absolute rubbish, lower tier members should not receive the benefits you've mentioned because they do not fly as much! Realistically, if you're completing only a couple economy trips a year you would be better off going for BFOD IMHO and not bothering at all with loyalty. There are...
  5. zachary.august

    Lots of new QF flights to the USA/South America,

    Really positive news for Qantas! Well done! The variety of departure times really assists with travel planning! The next route I'd add is QF PER-DXB using the new A330s allowing passengers to fly PER-LHR once again of QF metal and onward to Europe with EK. Fantastic job Qantas!
  6. zachary.august

    QF A380 to DFW; QF9/10 retiming

    I am interested to know what lounge will be provided from customers travelling in First on this route. From a ground services stand point, Los Angeles has a far better premium traveller proposition with a fantastic First Host team and (soon to be) amazing lounges.
  7. zachary.august

    QP Perth epic fail tonight

    Hygiene and clothing are easily the two most important things whilst travelling. If people stop treating air travel like glorified buses then the experience will be better than a glorified bus. Bintangs, footy shorts, thongs, singlets all of it is unacceptable. A clean t-shirt and shorts with...
  8. zachary.august

    Qantas lounge at Queenstown Airport.

    Does this mean that Emirates will be flying to Queenstown or are they referring to the existing codeshare arrangement?
  9. zachary.august

    If the 767 fleet goes altogether does that mean QFI will fly A330's to Honolulu??

    Re: If the 767 fleet goes altogether does that mean QFI will fly A330's to Honolu... I think one of the issues with PER-SIN is that a lot of the traffic on that route used to continue onward to Europe and without viable onward connections, they couldn't sustain O&D traffic. One of the more...
  10. zachary.august

    27th February Big Qantas announcement

    I am so sick of people saying that QFi abandoned PER as if it was something in the books of a break up or something. If there were enough people travelling on those services they wouldn't have been cut. Clearly PER couldn't sustain the service so it was cut. I'm happy that QF is concentrating on...
  11. zachary.august

    27th February Big Qantas announcement

    I've said it before and I'll say it again. The only fair and ultimately 'good' course of action for Qantas involves union-busting and/or nationalisation. Australia being so far from our allies CANNOT be without a national airline that is, preferably legally, at least morally tied to our country...
  12. zachary.august

    27th February Big Qantas announcement

    I guess it depends on how you value points but, at least to me, you're gaining them as a reward for something. Whether it's spending money or flying. Hence, unless you're going out of your way to book flights to gain points you aren't exactly paying for them. In this sense at least, I always see...
  13. zachary.august

    Qantas customer service drops another notch

    So... you as a QC member expected to receive treatment contrary to what you pay for? The age old adage of you get what you pay for is something to live by. If you go in expecting to get what you paid for then you're fine. You, seemingly, were treated in line with policy and procedure and I don't...
  14. zachary.august

    QF Reviewing lounge operations in LHR T3

    The QF LHR Ops team is fantastic in my experience. It's good to seem them actioning your points for improvement
  15. zachary.august

    27th February Big Qantas announcement

    B*ll****! I think QF would be bound to cut MNL, CGK, NOU and just about any other destination prior to ceasing to operate after well over 70 years of service between Australia and the UK. If anything this big announcement IMHO will be in relation to industrial relations.