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    Amex Travel Credit - covid implication

    I just got the same line from the customer service when I called and asked to have my credit extended, so I wouldn't hold my breath if I were you. What's the best course of action, book a refundable hotel somewhere and then cancel? T&Cs seem pretty straight forward that the credit will be lost...
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    How do Hilton treat you as an Elite?

    Date: September 2021 Hotel: Hilton Darwin Booked: King Room Received: King Executive Harbour View Room Status: Diamond Solid stay, the Executive Lounge really makes it worthwhile in my opinion. Upgrade was visible in the App a few days prior to arrival, room was basic Hilton fare but with...
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    Hertz Gold Terms queries re unsealed roads

    Don't have the answer to your question but you agree to the rental T&Cs every time you make a new reservation so don't think you would have to be advised of any changes.
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    Westpac altitude black - switching rewards programs

    H there, has anyone switched between reward programs, for example from the QF Altitude Black to the Velocity one and back? I could use a month or two of Velocity points but don't want to go through the hassle of getting a second card. Thanks! :)
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    Further Qantas Status Extension?

    I'm not worried but retaining top tier status from WA is very hard right now unless you're flying a lot to (regional) NT or FIFO to one of the WA mine sites. Almost all internal WA flying is non-stop and often comes with Y only...
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    NAB Signature prorated annual fee refund

    Same for me as well, good on NAB. Think this is a result of the Royal Commission though (or rather NAB's interpretation of the findings).
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    Is anyone still Platinum?

    I'd say all you need for the rollover is any level of SCs (100 max). This is what happened to my this year as Platinum: 01-Feb-2021 EXPIRED STATUS CREDITS -865 01-Feb-2021 POINTS CLUB - STATUS CREDITS ROLLOVER +100
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    Qantas to allow free changes, cancellations to Classic Flight Reward bookings to 28 February 2022

    I have started keeping track of my refunds and the timeframe is fairly constant around 45 days. Asked the question when I had to call and was told that once QF has made changes to a booking, they cannot be amended online.
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    Qantas to allow free changes, cancellations to Classic Flight Reward bookings to 28 February 2022

    Has anyone noticed issues with changing classic reward flights online? On many of my bookings the "Change" button is greyed out now wand instead prompts me to to "Call your Qantas Office".
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    Notification of duplicate bookings on same day

    Hi there, I have a whole bunch of flexible, covid impacted bookings that I hope to use at some point in the future. Now for the first time I have received an email notification advising me that I have a duplicate booking on the same day. Not for travel on the same flight, just on the same day...
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    Does splitting a PNR muck up DSC?

    Any insights on which passenger remains in the original PNR when splitting via the QF manage your booking site? For example, with 2 passengers, does the one listed first in the booking remain?
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    How do Hilton treat you as an Elite?

    Date: May 2021 (3x nights) Hotel: Hilton Brisbane Booked: King Guest Room Received: King Executive Room Status: Diamond Pretty much what @justinbrett said above. Had a friend who stayed at the same time as a Gold and was given the full executive treatment (albeit a lower room floor) as well...
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    Cocos and Christmas Islands - How much time

    Hi there, looking to book a 10 day trip to Cocos and Christmas Islands. Given the flight schedules, its a 4:7 night split for either destination. What would you recommend? Looking for quiet and relaxing time, with a little swimming and snorkeling. Thanks! :)
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    Qantas to Norfolk Island

    I've been trying to get a Norfolk Island Travel Pass but no luck - all I get is a blank page once I hit "apply". Tried several browsers and on mobile. Any advice?