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Recent content by wleong

  1. wleong

    asked for another year free?

    Continuing on from my application in October earlier this year, I was advised by an call centre operator based in India to reapply online and get another year waived. The Indian operator said they were going to call me back to see if they can come back and waive the fee without me reapplying...
  2. wleong

    asked for another year free?

    I have an AMEX Rewards Maximizer & AMEX Gold Card and have taken up the 1st years free for three years in a row. Once the annual fee is charged, I call up AMEX and give them the option before I close the account. Each time, the customer service attendant has no authority to waive the fee. In...
  3. wleong

    QFF Outback?

    Here's another link. :p Day of Difference Charity Flight
  4. wleong

    New 17500 point offer

    The same offer was advertised in today MX newspaper. The phone number is 1300 668 613. I called this number up today, AMEX said the annual fee is $195- / $395 depending on the card chosen. The operator said the fee cannot be waived.
  5. wleong

    Citibank Platinum, worth it or not.

    Here's a link to get the first years annual fee waived. Citibank Platinum
  6. wleong

    New 17500 point offer

    The same offer was in the Sun Herald on Sunday. Application is via the published phone number only. There was no mention of waiving the application fee in the first year.
  7. wleong

    Credit card recommendations person

    Here's a link that you may find interesting. AMEX
  8. wleong

    AMEX not accepted or surcharge

    Caltex/Woolworths Kogarah and Ashfield charges a merchant fee for payments by credit cards. On one hand you get a discount with the 4 cent shopper docket and on the other hand they take it back with their merchant fees. :twisted:
  9. wleong

    AMEX Rewards Maximiser or new QF Premium card?

    Here's a link to waive the first year's annual fee.
  10. wleong

    Velocity NAB 15,000 point offer!

    I received the following response from Velocity.
  11. wleong

    Velocity NAB 15,000 point offer!

    Has anyone out there got their 15,000 points yet?
  12. wleong

    tax office considers credit cards

    Over two years later, the public is still waiting for this to eventuate. :roll:
  13. wleong

    I just want a simple Visa card!

    Here's some links to the online AMEX offers, 1st 12 months free of annual fees and 1.5 points to the dollar.
  14. wleong

    air fare price checking software

    Here's another link
  15. wleong

    Earn 50% more points between Australia and Hong Kong or Sing

    Thanks Lindsay. This is a copy of their automated email response I received. I think this offer is only targeted at Qantas Club members however I managed to register the whole family. :D ___________________________________________________________ You have been registered for the...