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Recent content by Will

  1. Will

    Airbus factory tours - anyone done them?

    So it was pretty much like Sethor said. The viewing platform was a long way from A380s being assembled, the guide had a few facts but less than you could glean from Wikipedia, and the final video (of the first test flight) was only moderately diverting. I wouldn't bother going unless you were...
  2. Will

    Airbus factory tours - anyone done them?

    I'm doing it the day after tomorrow. If you're interested I can tell you more then?
  3. Will

    Mel-lax oct/nov rt from $444 us qantas

    I have one of these fares, booked through Expedia, and was able to make a date change for only the change fee of $200 -no additional fare collect! Hope this information is useful if any of you hold one of these fares :)
  4. Will

    Mel-lax oct/nov rt from $444 us qantas

    I booked one for my partner. $595 USD return in February next year. I agree that this was not a clear mistake fare. It still cost a substantial amount of money (almost $800 AUD), and is within 20% of previous sale fares and what other airlines charge. Lots of things would have played into...
  5. Will

    Advice on return travel options please - injured family member in USA

    Can't use TEDS nor intermittent compression devices on the injured leg. Enoxaparin/ Dalteparin would be (bare minimum) essential if it was me or my family members travelling. If he can't get access to these, then he should not fly, even it means staying put in the US for 6 weeks. I have seen too...
  6. Will

    Orlando to Sydney

    You will arrive at T4 in LAX. It is about a 50 metre walk landside to Tom Bradley, or you can take the airside transfer bus. It is not a difficult procedure.
  7. Will

    Famous people seen (or even met) whilst flying or lounging

    Tim Wilson, formerly of the IPA, now the human rights commissioner, in the SYD QF J Lounge today.
  8. Will

    Successful ASA Bookings booked at classic rates Reference Guide

    Re: Sucessful ASA Bookings booked at classic rates Reference Guide Date | Cabin | Route | Points | Co-pay | credit-card? | Max points cost (if known) | SCs earned MAR 14 | J | MEL-SYD-OOL | 24000 | $172.27 (no CC fee) | 42,897 | 80
  9. Will

    Lounge Meets January 2014

    06 JAN 14 MEL T3 JLounge 06:30-07:30 Guest 2 06 JAN 14 SYD T2 FLounge 09:30-11:30 Guest 1 (on QF107) 07 JAN 14 LGA AC 07:30-08:40 Guest 1 07 JAN 14 DFW AC 12:30-13:30 Guest 1 09 JAN 14 DFW AC 13:20-15:00 Guest 1 12 JAN 14 ORD AC 09:10-09:30 Guest 1 12 JAN 14 DFW AC 12:40-13:40 Guest 1 12 JAN 14...
  10. Will

    December 2013

    13 DEC 13 MEL T2 QF FLounge 08:45-11:50 Guest 1 (On JQ30) 14 DEC 13 SYD T3 QF JLounge 12:30-14:00 Guest 2
  11. Will

    Successful ASA Bookings booked at classic rates Reference Guide

    Re: Sucessful ASA Bookings booked at classic rates Reference Guide Month booked | Month travelled | Cabin | Route | Points cost | Co-pay* | Classic co-pay~ | Max points cost~ | SCs earned DEC 13 | DEC 13 | J | SYD-MEL | 16,000 | $200 | $35 | 27,911 | 40 (x2 bonus)
  12. Will

    Is there a doctor on the plane?

    Relevant Article: Refusing to treat - Medical Observer
  13. Will

    Is there a doctor on the plane?

    Law is evolving, and you are extremely unlikely to be liable for failing to render assistance, but there is precedent - have a read of Lown v Woods NSW SC 1995 (as previously mentioned in this thread). Liability was established for failure to leave a GP practice and render assistance to a...
  14. Will

    Is there a doctor on the plane?

    I speak as an anaesthetic registrar, and my ideal team for dealing with an on-board medical emergency would include a MICA paramedic. The skills that are required - managing sick patients in an unfamiliar environment with limited resources, and co-opting a team of lay rescuers - are practiced by...
  15. Will

    Hi all have an urgent Question regarding visa waiver Fill out the esta application at the above website. Answer what you want. If you answer yes to this question you will have the application rejected as 'Travel Not Authorized'. If you answer no then you should have...