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    QF74 Premium Economy?

    IMHO Qantas PE is not worth the upgrade, and only barely worth an OP up. Did it once on QF1, would never do it again.
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    Upgrades? Pffttt

    Like most others have said its all about the status. I have had most of my point upgrade requests accepted and have been op upd almost as many times with QF, CX and FJ. CX is especially good around Asia for op ups. I flew HKG-MNL-HKG-BKK-HKG and was upgraded on all of them.
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    Qf/ba Pe Product,worth The Money?

    Dont know about BA WT+ but I would be hesitant about wasting money on the QF PE. Flew SYD-BKK in November and decided to try out PE, seat ok, cabin service was good but the meal was slop in a bigger tray. Two of us were travelling together and we asked for opposite aisle seats at check in, to be...
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    APEC Business Travel Card - Express Immigration Clearance

    I got PNG straight away, it came through the same time as AUS and NZ etc. Biggest hassles that I have had are Philippines (just got it Friday) Indonesia, nearly 12 months and STILL waiting and Brunei - But no problems with that, not on the radar. BTW, I dont count myself lucky I got PNG so...
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    Help for my honeymoon please!

    Why not look at Fiji, flights are higher in frequency between Aus and Fiji. There is a huge amount of accommodation in Fiji from the mainland to the outer islands, and some are extremely good value for money. Tahiti is stunning, but V.Expensive, New Cal is ok, not quite as expensive as Tahiti...
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    What QANTAS means to you....

    Qantas - just in case you were wondering what we stood for. . . well not so much stood but. . . straddled Quickies Available Now in Toilet Ask Staff !! or Queers And Nymphomaniacs Training As Stewards :)
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    Air NZ to Fly Direct to Vancouver

    In the paper today, cuts a fair bit of time off the trip. First one might be a bit of fun to do if I have the time. Air NZ rides into Vancouver hoping for quick profit - 24 Feb 2007 - Business News - New Zealand Herald
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    card arrival

    Best advise is to keep on them. When I applied I had no end of grief, they claimed to have sent 2 cards, neither of which ever arrived, third card arrived after a couple of months, and when I first went to use it, SOMEHOW, the security number on the card (little 4 digit thinggy) did not match...
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    New Security Measures for NZ

    And it appears that we have to pay extra for the extra hassle :mad: Flying with liquids becomes a sticky business - 16 Feb 2007 - National
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    New Security Measures for NZ

    Not so it appears: Why have these new measures been put in place? Last August, UK authorities arrested a number of people they believed were planning to board aircraft with liquid explosives disguised as water bottles. These liquid explosives could have been used to construct an explosive...
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    New Security Measures for NZ

    Additional security measures will be introduced at New Zealand airports on 31 March... These measures will apply to the carriage of liquids, aerosols and gels taken on board aircraft in carry-on baggage. These measures will be applied on all international flights leaving New Zealand. The...
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    Mobile phone roaming in the USA

    It may also depend heavily on who you use in Australia as your provider, and what networks they work with in the US. As an example, on the Vodafone website in NZ it lists down all the providers in the US that it uses, see if your provider does the same. Why is this important? Simply because...
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    Survey results - worst plane habits

    My pet hates: 1) The recliner. As a fairly tall bloke I am often bombarded by the seat in front of me, unless I happen to be in the front row. I dont mind if I get a bit of warning so I can at least get my legs out of the way. 2) The recliner (2). Someone who does not give me warning and...
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    Your travel in 2007...monthly updates

    Bit of a slow start to 2007 for me: 22 Jan AKL-NAN QF3843 1341 points + 671 bonus points +20SC 27 Jan NAN-AKL QF3842 1341 points + 671 bonus points +20SC
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    complimentary qc pass

    As they say "Its in the mail" Enjoy :)