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    Flying to India

    1. Yes, if QF code on 9W metal you get 20SC in discount economy for SIN - BOM (Mumbai) and 25SC for SIN - DEL. More SCs for other fare buckets, so check the calculator on the Qantas website for detail. 2. No access if flying Y given 9W is not a Oneworld airline
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    issues with

    I had issues too, but they resolved themselves when I cleared the cookies as well.
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    QANTAS Domestic Free NBN Trial (Feb-Sept 2017)

    140 people on over 200 devices (see A big milestone for Qantas Wi-Fi - Qantas News Room)
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    ALL QF's 330's to get lay flat Business seating - Including Domestic

    From Qantas confident of Beijing success | Australian Aviation Joyce said he expected all of Qantas’s Asian services to feature the new Thompson Aero Seating business class seat at some future point. “We are working through the reconfigs of those aircraft as we speak,” Joyce said. “Eventually...
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    QF568: Who to believe? 26/1/17

    I think the Antarctica flight is operating out of Perth on Australia Day.
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    Melbourne to Narita return seats and other questions

    My preference on the refurbed A330's as a couple is the centre pair. The centre pair is a lot easier to talk to your partner than across the aisle. You have to lean forward a bit due to the fixed partition, but it isn't too bad. Visibility out the window from the centre is basically zero though...
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    QF announce non-stop Perth-London B787 Services

    Re: Qantas: non-stop Australia (Perth)-Europe (London) Boeing 787 flights set to soar Providing the JQi flights remain at T1, I think it will remain open. For memory there is around 4-5 JQ/3K flights a day to DPS and SIN. In addition, there are 2x EK flights which QC members use the lounge...
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    Qantas: non-stop Australia (Perth)-Europe (London) Boeing 787 flights set to soar

    If you believe The West, an announcement is imminent
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    Narrow seats on QF B789

    GET can't take a B787 at the moment, only 737 or 320. There are plans to progressively upgrade the runway and taxiways to eventually take up to an A380 for precisely the purpose as a diversion airport to Perth, but I would think that would be some time away. I think LEA and KGI would be the...
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    QF 787-9 LOPA: Preview of PE?

    I wouldn't read too much into it, other than the number of PE seats (which has already been announced).
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    ALL QF's 330's to get lay flat Business seating - Including Domestic is currently showing it is due at 9:36am
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    Qantas 737 Refurbishment tracker

    Unfortunately they haven't added individual IFE to any of the 737's that didn't already had it as part of the refurb, just the BYO device wifi. I agree that they should at least supply iPads in J, particularly on the transcon flights. Even a USB charging point would have been nice given that you...
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    Couples travelling in J on the refurbished A330

    Mrs Waflyer and I have done both across the aisle, as well as the middle two seats. The middle two is definitely the best option. While you have to lean forward a little bit, it's not too bad. You can easily have a conversation if you want and is way better during meal time in particular, which...
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    How does Accor treat you as an Elite guest?

    Property: Sofitel Beirut Le Gabriel Status: Gold (and Accor Plus) Room Booked: Luxury Room Rate: Indulge yourself with 20% off on your Summer stay Room Upgrade: No Free Internet: Yes Welcome Drinks: Yes, voucher for 2 drinks Early / Late checkin / out: Yes late checkout at around 3:30pm VIP...
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    PJs on QF J international?

    Yes, got some on my flight from SYD to YVR a month ago. You should get them. The media release says they will be handing them out until 18/9 (see QANTAS PASSENGERS TO CHEER ON AUSSIE OLYMPIANS IN THEIR SLEEP - Qantas News Room).