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Recent content by virgintiger

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    Classic Reward - Multi-City vs One-Way Different Availability

    Hi All, I'm currently looking to book a Classic Reward from HBA-CHC via MEL and have noticed that when searching using the one-way option the domestic connection on Qantas are available, however if I change this to a multi-stop option from the same departure point the domestic connecting flight...
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    120 SC's Short - Most Cost Effective Status Run?

    Thanks to everyone for your insights. I've managed to find a routing that will earn 120-130 SC's for around $700, which brings me to another question.... Would you consider the platinum benefits enough to justify the $700 which it will cost? Thanks again.
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    120 SC's Short - Most Cost Effective Status Run?

    Hi All I have a large amount of status credits expiring in early May, and with already planned travel up until that date I will still fall approximately 120 status credits short of qualifying for Platinum. My main reason for considering a status run is the opportunity of a soft fall to Gold if...
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    Domestic Flight Connecting to International - Boarding Passes?..

    Can anyone advise whether boarding passes for both the domestic and international flights are provided at the port of departure? For example, when flying from Hobart to Denpasar via Melbourne or Sydney. Or, is it required to again 'line up' at international check in and collect the...
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    EY Gold using VA lounges

    I entered the Virgin lounge in Melbourne the other week using my Etihad Guest Gold card. They wanted to see my boarding pass, and also added my Etihad membership number in to their system. I have never been able to access a Virgin lounge using my Etihad card without providing them with details...
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    Velocity Platinum Requesting Row 3 For Travelers On Separate Bookings

    Just wondering if any other Velocity Platinum members have had success in getting the call centre to allocate row 3 for non status passengers travelling on the same flight, but on a separate booking?
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    Access to Air New Zealand Lounge when flying Virgin Australia - Etihad Guest Gold

    Just wondering if anyone would happen to know whether access to the Air New Zealand Lounge would be permitted for an Etihad Guest Gold member when flying Virgin Australia Short Haul International. I understand that Velocity Gold members are allowed access, but can't find a definitive answer for...
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    Does partner airline 'status' show on boarding passes?.....

    Just wondering if anyone know's whether partner airline frequent flyer 'status' shows on Virgin Australia boarding passes, where the partner airline membership number has been added to the booking?
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    Lounge Meets March 2015

    Hi all, This is probably a long shot, but if anyone will be departing from MEL international tomorrow between 4pm-7pm or so, I'd be really grateful if anyone could guest myself and my wife as well as our 4 year old daughter in to the Qantas Club lounge. Many thanks in advance.
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    Current 40,000 point QC offer

    Hi grrofunger, I am planning to sign up today if you wanted to send me your referral link. I tried to send you a PM, but unsure whether it worked. Cheers.