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    BA Gold in First: How many Guests?

    Sincere apologies if this has already been discussed: I have searched through various websites and am unable to source the pertinent information (at least not in clear-cut terms). I am BA Gold traveling First and have two friends, one traveling in Club on the same flight and one traveling on a...
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    Seat selection

    I haven't tried. I have flown J on MH several times for work but am going on a holiday on a super cheap ticket. Whilst i can select normal seats for free, payment still required (as has been discussed) for extra leg room seats. Since i've had no experience with Y, was wondering whether i should...
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    Seat selection

    Can OWE select extra-legroom seats or exit-row seats for free during online check in? Or do you still have to pay?
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    HHonors Gold/Diamond for Velocity Gold/Plat

    I seem to have missed this: where on the VA website do they specify it is a one off benefit? It simply appears as a listed plat privilege: Access to Platinum Partner membership with IHG’s Priority Club® Rewards or Diamond Partner membership with Hilton HHonors™
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    HHonors Gold/Diamond for Velocity Gold/Plat

    Does anyone know whether Hilton simply send out a new card when you re-qualify Plat? Or do we need to make contact?
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    Complimentary Upgrades

    you need to be travelling - you can upgrade one other travelling companion
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    how do you select seats thru "manage bookings"?

    Do you have status? You either need to purchase a flexi fare or be DJ Gold/Plat to select seats. Otherwise you can pre-pay for an exit seat.
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    Anytime Lounge Access Finishing? [Yes, from 15Aug12]

    Just used ATA at Sydney this morning - dropping off mum for a flight to Mel. Although she was in J, it was nice for me to be able to join her! Do Virgin have a similar policy to Qantas that allows those travelling in J to bring a guest?
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    Anytime Lounge Access Finishing? [Yes, from 15Aug12]

    I really do not understand what VA are doing! OK - Status match, a good and necessary idea. But now throwing status to everyone, even those who haven't flown at all, and consequently disillusioning those who have demonstrated consistent loyalty - this is nuts! And now removing ATA for everyone...
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    Platinum members now get access to Etihad business class lounge Abu Dhabi

    Maybe I missed this - but I recently noticed that Platinum's can now get access to the Etihad business lounge in Abu Dhabi. Previously, all Virgin FF had to use the fairly abysmal Al Reem lounge. Anyone had any recent experiences? Platinum members plus a guest on presentation of membership card...
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    Have Virgin dropped the price of their J fares permanently or is this just a sale?

    Just noticed Virgin have some seriously good domestic J airfares: Syd-Mel - $299 Syd-Perth - $945 Seems to be a reduction on all routes (except Syd-Gold Coast) Does anyone know if these are sale fares or are Virgin really now seeking to be competitive?
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    Complimentary Aust. Fin Review Weekend subscription for Platinum

    Re: A complimentary subscription to the Weekend Fin Review Qantas has alot to learn...
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    Half the plane with seats reserved?

    Sitting in J - thanfully!
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    Etihad Status Match - Any Point for Velocity Members?

    Curious to know who will be first on AFF to be approved for an Etihad Status Match - Please let me know...