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Recent content by vandy

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    How come there are no QF8419 appreciation threads? #QF8418 #EK419 #EK418

    Is this no longer available?
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    Comparing SC earn on the various routes between Australia and UK.

    I've been looking at which QF flights earn the most SC from the East Coast to UK/Europe. Connecting via Perth seems to be the winner. Came across a quirk with SYD-SIN-LHR, this earns 5 less SC in Business if you use QF81+ QF1 and not QF1 all the way. In all other classes the earn rates seem to...
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    QF Double Status Credits - Book by Feb [Now] 25, Travel Feb 25-Aug 31, 2019

    I haven't yet received the DSC for a trip I took about 5 weeks ago. Previously the DSC have always credited a few days after the flight credits. I booked this one during the promo period, but it didn't ticket properly and my credit card wasn't charged. I had to call up and get them to...
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    Domestic flight "Operated by Virgin Australia International"

    I notice on my booking that my domestic MEL-SYD flight is listed as operated by "Virgin Australia International". Would there be anything different from a normal domestic flight that I'd need to be aware of? From what I can tell it's still the standard 737 and departing from the Domestic...
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    QF11 SYD-JFK via LA considered 1 or 2 segments (need to complete 2 eligible fights for FF Status)

    Seat selection is also a pain for this flight. You can't view or change your seats online.
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    Difficulties accessing Qantas Club with e-passes - Rude Staff

    The inconsistency around entry process is what confuses me. Sometimes I am waved into the lounge with just a quick flash of my BP or QFF card. Sometimes I am asked to scan it at the counter, and wait for the computer to say OK. If I have a guest it's 50/50 on whether they ask to see/scan their...
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    Missing Uber Airport Points

    Not yet got any points for a couple of Uber airport trips taken in April and May.
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    Qantas points upgrades on a two sector flight

    The only ones you can't do separately is when the flight number stays the same like QF1/2 and QF11/12.
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    Qantas cancelling flights

    Things must have changed. Those quarter hour ones used to be more lightly loaded for some reason, and prime for cancellation / consolidation.
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    What is a shadow ? (Qantas )

    As SG, I've had lounge staff tell me they've blocked the seat next to me, so it can be done. And that's without me directly asking for it, just casually asked how full the flight is and if there's any better seats available. Other times, the response to that question is "we're not allowed to...
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    Qantas Platinum bring 2 family members into business lounge?

    Ah yes sorry I missed that it was International. Probably no chance unless you have a very nice lounge agent who bends the rules, but that's pretty rare with Qantas.
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    Qantas Platinum bring 2 family members into business lounge?

    Depends if they put it through the computer I suppose. My recent lounge entry with a guest, they scanned my boarding pass but not my guests. And there have been many occasions where my boarding pass hasn't been scanned for lounge entry, they just take a quick look at it and waive me through.
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    Seat selection

    Not the same issue, but I've noticed when flying with friends and colleagues on separate bookings, our seat selection maps for the same flight look completely different and show different availability, meaning we often can't choose seats next to each other. They're always able to fix this at...
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    Free Qantas lounge pass for 18-35yo travellers in QF Y (Book by 31/8/19, travel by 29/2/20)

    Somehow I don't think that would go down too well. But an offer targeted exclusively at women would probably be celebrated. Similarly if they made this offer for 36 to 60 year olds only, there would probably be uproar for discriminating against young people and retirees.
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    Free Qantas lounge pass for 18-35yo travellers in QF Y (Book by 31/8/19, travel by 29/2/20)

    Haven't seen a promotion like this with an age limit before, any reason why they would restrict it to the "youth" segment? Wonder if this could backfire with some of the older demographic who can't register looking at other airlines out of spite.