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    Issues with VA re accomodating on Air NZ

    Hi All, I am booked to fly with VA to NZ in August... in line with VA cancelling and offering to rebook on air nz I’ve had a poor experience trying to rebook. I spoke to platinum service team.. they went through flights options and we picked my flight. Due to it being accelerate booking they...
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    U.S car hire through flight centre

    As a consultant of flight centre I understand what has happened here... We often use a particular wholesaler to book our car hire thoughout the world as they are dedicated to car hire this offers cheaper prices for our clients. This particular wholesaler offer the service of GPS but provide it...
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    Velocity status question

    Hi Guys, Have just been going through my last years accrual of velocity status and have some qs in relation to accrual .... i flew many sectors MEL - LST (vice versa) and have some status credit as little as 4 for these legs. Should this be ten as per the earning table? I have calculated that...
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    Etihad Flying Through V Australia Checkin

    Since you booked with a travel agent you travel agent can provide you with the EY pnr! ;)
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    Travel in US, Codeshare QF or AA flight number

    AA has just announced a new fee for all those that book their flights with a GDS system. In future an AA flight bought as a QF codeshare will actually work out cheaper as you will not have to pay the new 'premium booking fee'
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    JQ37 SYD to DPS cancellled 22/12

    i could imagine that jetstar anticipated that alot of people would be pretty annoyed and i know i would personally be wanting to wake up in bali on christmas day rather than arriving there late at night :rolleyes:
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    Bali Hotels

    have been to bali four times over the last couple of years. Check out Kuta Townhouses, they have a website kutatownhouses . com. its run by aussies with aussie tv and great modern apartments! :lol:
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    Ban on Garuda Airlines? (Next Sunday 630PM)

    they painted a really poor picture of garuda. but one question i have. didnt this attribute to pilot errror? by the looks of the article the pilot was completly in the wrong. nothing the airline could of done to aviod this...:confused: