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Recent content by ukhant

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    Answered What does this clause mean? (ANZ premium card)

    Some rental companies dont cover theft as an example .....
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    Answered What does this clause mean? (ANZ premium card)

    Engage the bank to get clarification, my read on this is that ‘anything’ in rental agreement that results in you requiring to pay more then excess , will not be covered by insurance, e.g you are liable to pay full cost of damage ( not excess) if you drive off road in some cases, card insurance...
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    Hotels advice for Germany, Amsterdam & Paris

    Fo For berlin check clipper city home apartment, good location, heading there in 2 weeks, adina was good in franfurt, in berlin it was a toss between clipper and adina, Amsterdam, stayed at doubletree hilton ( near station) , good location, cant say how it will impact you with your daughter.
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    Answered Is the Diners login down?

    Try internet explorer or edge ( chrome isnt working)
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    St George Amplify card - $139 for 90k points (discounted fee via specific link)

    I dont think the reduced fee offer is available anymore, has been removed from PH website, if you have saved link, it doesnt let you select the card from drop down. 279 $ still works.
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    Qantas Classic Reward - Emirates and Status

    It is not a code share , my frequent flyer # is listed , not status , i guess will take qff card along, flight is 5 am so qf lounge will be closed
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    Qantas Classic Reward - Emirates and Status

    Hi all First time booked a classic reward flight to you europe, all segments are via Emirates. The flight is Saturday, on checking in i noticed that boarding pass (emirates) doesnt show my Qantas status. Is that normal ? It does show QFF frequent flyer #. How do i get exccess to Emirates...
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    QFF platinum Benefits

    Hi All , Couple of questions , As a QFF Platinum with 340k Points , 1. With Additional Luggage allowance on QF flights as platinum, if i book two tickets and second person is not platinum , does the extra luggage allowance applies to Platinum card holder only or both on same itinerary ...
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    QF Double Status Credits (SC) offer for all :)

    Thanks , i am not fussed about when they get posted , just how they are posted.
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    QF Double Status Credits (SC) offer for all :)

    Hi All, Quick question to those for whom who DSC have been posted . I did a flight today for which the booking was done in the promotion period, my 'normal' status credit have posted , is it normal for standard SC to be posted and then in future get amended or will there be a new line item in...
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    Advice needed - Booking a Qantas rewards flight

    Thanks all for the feedback, Thanks , as i am new to this , just so i understand the rationale behind this approach better , are you suggesting this because J Award seats from ASIA to EU would be easier or cheaper ? Secondly , If i were to book a reward flight from HongKong to Rome , Only...
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    Advice needed - Booking a Qantas rewards flight

    Hi all , Needed some advice , not sure if this is a right sub-forum, I am QFF Gold currently, will be platinum in July. Have roughly 250K points, should be at around 300K by end of this year. I have never booked an award flight so fairly un-familiar with the right strategy, in fact only got...
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    Yet Another newbie

    Welcome. This forum is brilliant