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    Qantas Status Credits Boost

    LTS here....125 SC's dropped in yesterday.
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    This is going too far : Dog dies in overhead locker~

    I don't think it was that......the FA instructed them it appears.
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    This is going too far : Dog dies in overhead locker~ I've been facetious about emotional support animals on board but this is ridiculous. How can a Flight Attendant think this is ok? Between beating and dragging people off flights and killing dogs...
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    Toronto collision: passengers insist on taking carryons

    .....and what about the assorted wildlife that may be aboard as support animals? Try getting past a stampeding flock of Peacocks, or a stroppy pig.
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    Jump queue at X-ray? [others not ready, you are]

    I went around a couple messing about with getting their baby gear sorted. Huge lines at Melb int. They started having a go at me,telling me to wait my turn. Apparently the whole queue had to wait for them. Only time that has happened.
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    If only he was allowed to have his emotional support Water Buffalo

    This could have been averted: 'Demonic' child screams non-stop for EIGHT HOURS on international flight… and his parents couldn’t do anything to stop the mid-air tantrum
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    Have we reached Peak Support Animal?

    Nah....extra horsepower!
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    Have we reached Peak Support Animal?

    No problem. My Emu is quick, He can run the pants off a kangaroo.
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    Have we reached Peak Support Animal?

    A woman was denied boarding on United when she arrived with an emotional support PEACOCK! Woman denied emotional support peacock on United flight Should I take old man emu with me next trip? He's a good conversationalist.
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    Citi cards - major changes

    Agree it is uncompetitive but it is what I have for now and financially would not be able to qualify for anything much better (until next financial year). I am ok with the reduced conversion rate, but is earning capped to the first $10,000 per month?
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    Citi cards - major changes

    Sanity check please? It has been a while since I've used the Citibusiness Gold card so just checked the T&C's as I put through some large transactions every January/ Feb. Was aware of the reduced earn and transfer rate but am I reading this right????....Points earn is capped at $10,000 per...
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    Increased aviation security at Australian airports

    Banning meeters and greeters will not be welcomed by the retailers, bars and cafes that pay huge rents to the Aiport owners for access to those extra mouths. Not saying it shouldn't happen, but expect screaming if it is proposed.
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    What happened to suit packs?

    Good points. Given the cost of travel between then and now, trips are likely shorter in general and fewer changes of clothes, combined with the reduction in the need for suits has seen their demise. We used to leave Sunday night in jeans and have 2 suits for the week. Now I wear a suit in the...
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    What happened to suit packs?

    Back in the late 80's when I started travelling regularly for work (and wearing suits) we used to travel with a brief case and a suit pack. There was enough space for 2 suits 5 shirts, shoes and enough to get through a whole week, and could either be hung up in an cupboard onboard or a few...
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    2017 F1 Thread

    Just checked the long term weather.....Saturday 17 degrees and raining for qual.....Sunday warmer and sunny.