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    Annual fee waiver - Platinum Reserve

    Has anyone had success with getting the fee waived on the Platinum Reserve card recently? I've been able to get the fee waived for a few years now, mostly through the cancellations department. But this year haven't been able to get this done as it has been harder and harder now, wonder if...
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    Ultimate Card Value

    How are you getting $200k cap, I was under the impression the cap is 100k
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    How to Increase the Limit

    Hi Guys, I am looking for tips on how to increase the limit on my cards. I've got a platinum card, and just recently got a rewards maximiser to offset the $100k limit on 1.5 points earnings on the platinum. The problem is that they gave a really paltry limit on the maximiser, and I am...
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    Annual Fee - Platinum Credit Card

    it's almost worth it just to get the charge card which $130 per year, because you'll save more than that on the platinum credit card fee.
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    Annual Fee - Platinum Credit Card

    ok, called them up. yeah, they only give discounts if you have a charge card, which is probably what you had. They will not budge on the fee, what they will do is give you a retention bonus of either $100 DJ voucher, $100 harvey norman voucher, or a $250 food voucher. wonder if i can threaten...
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    Annual Fee - Platinum Credit Card

    Has anyone been able to get their $395 fee waived or discounted for their platinum credit card? It just doesn't seem to be good value anymore with the introduction of the Qantas cards.