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Recent content by toowongman

  1. toowongman

    The NSW TrainLink Discovery Pass

    A while ago I commuted Maitland - Sydney and return a few days a week. Used to rush like mad to wind up and get the Brisbane XPT from Central to Maitland - beats the shitkansen then the railcars to Maitland. Two points of interest - one, the coffee from the buffet is a coffee bag in a cup of hot...
  2. toowongman

    Virgin Australia to be sold to Bain Capital

    Bain billions keep Virgin aloft as private equity giant takes over liabilities --- Heavily Abridged Main Points: Bain Capital plans to inject as much as $600m in cash into Virgin to keep it running. The upfront cash is part of a package, including $600m to take over existing travel credits...
  3. toowongman

    A toast to Virgin Australia, some fond memories

    Virgin Blue since 2001. Playing pool and video games in the Brisbane Blue Room. Live2Air was magic. Flights went in a blink. Listening to people cheer for their team watching the game live, then screaming out when we banked and the satellite dropped out for a moment. Crazy $1 domestic fares...
  4. toowongman

    Virgin Australia Financially Secure? [Now in Voluntary Administration]

    This is intriguing. Random example - Lindsday Fox sees an opportunity and decides to have another lash at an airline. He owns an airport with hangars for storage and maintenance, the global market for aircraft is through the floor, and as you say staff and suppliers ready to go and negotiating...
  5. toowongman

    Where will you go first when the bans are lifted?

    New Caledonia, friends' house in Mont-Dore. Supposed to be there now. Thanks China. When the UK is back to whatever normal will be, a few weeks' trainspotting and chasing down brutalist architecture.
  6. toowongman

    Virgin Australia Business Class Catering - Service, Meal times, Menus

    VA329 Melbourne to Brisbane. Lunches. Lamb empanadas. Meh. Noodle salad. Wife said it was ok. Looks like the cheese and biscuits are the new normal. It's been a few months between flights for me, I suspect the accountants have put a ruler over the food.
  7. toowongman

    Virgin Lounge Food

    Premium check in took about five minutes. Sorry I'm not talkative today, was released from hospital earlier this week and barely functioning. Mrs T brought over some risotto, too many vegetable ingredients. Not bad for a lounge. I hope you have a nice flight.
  8. toowongman

    Virgin Lounge Food

    Melbourne, Saturday pre-midday. Hot options are Thai chicken curry soup (shown) and a leek and something soup.
  9. toowongman

    Virgin Lounge Food

    I will agree with you. All those years ago we complained about random party pies, and those God-awful hot dogs with the stale buns that couldn't hold a bean sprout. I've stopped drinking so can't really comment on the bar side of things any more, however I had a run through QF J lounge at BNE...
  10. toowongman

    Breeze & maybe Rex ?

    If Rex could save 15 cents on something, they would. The last thing they need is another aircraft type. They probably have a junior in the office somewhere scoping out the worldwide used market for SAAB 340s and parts.
  11. toowongman

    Don't have One Too Many or Admit being Drunk...

    Years ago I was waiting for BNE-SYD on Impulse. Arrived early, it was a warm afternoon and I was happily buying more than one lager to pass the time, watching all the planes. A 717 pulled up, stuff happened, then all the people disappeared. Must have been in a world on my own. Then an Impulse...
  12. toowongman

    Flying and business travel as it used to be...

    When travel was somewhat... more civilised...
  13. toowongman

    Virgin Australia Financials 2019/20

    QF ran a tag flight from SIN to Mumbai or somewhere in India a few years ago. Rumour has it that the reason for cancellation was too many staff calling sick for that flight. Cultural difference and all that. I think most airlines shove India in the "too hard" basket for that reason.
  14. toowongman

    QF 9 MEL-PER 787 Business Class Review

    True, however will be increasingly scarce once VA starts up BNE-HND.
  15. toowongman

    Qantas Sunrise special event tonight

    Interesting email from the union that covers the flight attendants... https://gem.godaddy.com/p/1b1e6f