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    Life Time Gold - The [Realistic] Holy Grail

    Nice work! Now, like a lot of us, are you going to try other airlines? ;)
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    Life Time Gold - The [Realistic] Holy Grail

    I too remember getting a so-so letter and a card with very little fanfare. Interesting that I just got 300SC added to my account. Is that supposed to encourage me to get another 900 by May 2021? 😉
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    When was the last commercial passenger flight you took?

    13 Mar VA556 PER - SYD after VA552 was cancelled. Very full 737.
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    Life Time Gold - The [Realistic] Holy Grail

    I have a theoretical interest as I had 1 mth of QP leftover when I dropped to LTG and never pursued it. Interested to know whether refunds available.
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    Covid-19 - status pause

    There needs to be a Duckworth-Lewis-Stern method for SCs ;)
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    VA flights now (randomly) posting to Velocity quicker [Dec 2019]

    SYD - MCY from Friday and return this morning posted by midday today. Points + Pay
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    "You are in top 5% of Velocity Flyers." - and that is it??

    Top 5% with just over 19k Km flown. I think I'm that 499,999th person!
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    Sydney Airport is getting a bigger, better American Express lounge

    We (The Tooner family) visited the old AMEX Sydney lounge at the end of September on the way to Vietnam. Apart form our entry moving the lounge from comfortable full to overcrowded (!) it was small but pleasant. We enjoyed the food and the drinks. Sounds like the new one will be a little larger...
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    Life Time Gold - The [Realistic] Holy Grail

    I sympathise. In my case I had a month on my QC membership when I first went SG and by the time I fell from WP it was to LTG. So I only lost one month of QC!
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    Life Time Gold - The [Realistic] Holy Grail

    Well done @pauleg!
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    Virgin Australia Delays/Cancellations

    No problem. I will say Saturday was a slow day!
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    Virgin Australia Delays/Cancellations

    I was on this flight. After 2 go-arounds and massive turbulence in the last one, we were sent to Newcastle. Then on a bus back to Sydney. Then the Bus was in an accident and we waited for another bus. Got to Sydney airport at 2:30am.
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    Life Time Gold - The [Realistic] Holy Grail

    I would have to say I resembled that remark until I start with my new employer who flies almost exclusively QF!
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    Life Time Gold - The [Realistic] Holy Grail

    I’ll add to the congratulations (it is a massive achievement) and highly recommend having a good look around at other airlines!
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    Famous people seen (or even met) whilst flying or lounging

    Saw him some time ago in F on a QF flight to HK ( yes, that long ago). I don’t think that was his last leg