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    Netflix US subscription

    Thanks! And will it work without changing anything on the router? Or do you have to 'set up the Dynu DDNS service' on the router too?
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    Netflix US subscription

    Are you sure you can do it through smart TV apps? I thought most smart TV's (like Samsung) are already region-based and even if you change settings at the router level it won't make a difference?
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    Malaysian Airlines MH17 Crashes in Ukraine

    MH21 CDG-KUL an A380 diverted south over Romania and Turkey in the hours after.
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    Istanbul in July

    Even has her own Wikipedia page - how many belly dancer's would have that!
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    Ireland late June

    Dad is very impressed with your pub crawl. When we went to the UK in 2003 he managed to find one of the oldest ones there. Set in the side of the rock under Nottingham Castle, it claims to have been established in 1189!