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Recent content by TomCC

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    Tried and true favourite recipes

    Could be very versatile too, would go great with chorizo or chicken. Another vego one of late, can attest the tahini crust is absolutely magnificent and have incorporated it into many other recipes!
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    Tried and true favourite recipes

    To continue the theme of beans, pleased with this, saw a show on Greece (Rick Stein Venice to Istanbul) on SBS recently. Gigantes with tomatoes and greens Only decided to make it halfway through the day so the butter beans were only soaked for a few hours rather than overnight, but still...
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    South Africa Solo

    Just back to Sydney awaiting the connection to Perth. It was spectacular, one of the greatest experiences of my life. Thank you to all that contributed, will do up a trip report in that forum in the coming week. Will cover: - Cape Town - Franschhoek - Shiduli Private Game Lodge - Victoria Falls...
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    Qantas Delays/Cancellations

    I'm no aeronautical engineer but did hear a crew member mention a regulator valve. We left the gate on time, and were taxiing when they stopped and waited a few minutes. Eventually call came through for us to return to the gate for maintenance to rectify with everyone on board - which they...
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    Qantas Delays/Cancellations

    Departed the gate - twice - some issue with a valve and now back in the lounge awaiting further information :)
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    South Africa Solo

    Thanks @JohnM & @Bundy Bear really appreciated, yes will certainly let you know how it goes :)
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    South Africa Solo

    Apologies, revisited this reply from vetrade and does look to be the case. But as always nervous late in the piece 😣 Any experiences shared though are much appreciated.
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    South Africa Solo

    Getting close to leaving within a couple of weeks, got a couple of questions for anyone who has gone in recent years: - Are vaccinations for yellow fever and malaria required for South Africa, Zimbabwe, Zambia and Botswana (basically Vic Falls trip)? Everything I have read suggests not although...
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    Entertainment in overseas lounges

    Maybe within Australia something like that may be possible, but absolutely not overseas where someone else would hold the local rights. In any event the issue goes well beyond the control or capabilities of an airline or even an airport.
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    Luxury Escapes - The People You Don't Meet

    Based on the posts I have read in various threads here I strongly suspect this to be the case.
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    Black Eyed Peas QF BNE to SYD incident

    Good post. I can understand people who feel strongly about things gravitate to forums for sharing such personally held views of the world, but in these instances and in particular of late has come across very agenda driven. I know it is natural in a way for similar foaming at the mouth to...
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    Kakadu-du-du, no pineapples, plenty of trees. A long weekend in the NT

    Worked in Darwin for a number of years and yes coming in over that jutted landscape and crystal clear blue water each return was magic. Even moreso coming back from a cold, grey and miserable week off down south (even if it meant back to work)!
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    New Qantas SIN F Lounge [Open Dec 2nd 2019]

    Personally, I'd agree with this. Definitely a lot quieter there so can see the attraction if you're looking for that but quality and range of food is a long way short, showers not as nice etc.
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    Why do we hold unreal expectations of Qantas??

    There a certainly a handful here who will start foaming at the mouth at the mere mention of their name. From my perspective, and I certainly do not fly so much as others but can't say they have let me down over the half dozen years or so of commencing work. I have found them to be very reliable...
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    Qantas CEO pay $23.9 million

    A very rational and sensible way of looking at things. Executive remuneration is a highly complex issue that sadly most are incapable of comprehending past a sensationalist headline. Yes it's a eye-openingly large package but people need to get their heads around the process by which the...