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    Tokyo (HND & NRT) Stopover Tips

    Yeah always used the monorail or train depending on where I needed to get to. No troubles with the timing, can't recall waiting more than 5min or so.
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    South Africa Solo

    On the evening of arrival, funnily enough is the Protea Hotel where I believe you were on your trip (yes, definitely read the trip reports :) such a fantastic source of info thank you). On return am looking at a recommendation, The Safari Club - did you have somewhere in particular in mind...
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    South Africa Solo

    Cheers guys fantastic info and appreciated. Have basically got it organised. Night in Franschoek. Four nights Cape Town (only planning the cricket for one day so still a fair bit of time to explore around) One night Johannesburg Fly to HDS, staying at Private game reserve in Karongwe NP for...
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    VA have a problem. Could this partly solve it ?

    Ok, so please provide your definition of a recession and subsequent evidence that we are experiencing one because seems to be vastly different to my admittedly unqualified understanding.
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    Paris Suites!

    Would like to further the appreciation for such detailed recording of trips like these :) While I certainly could not sustain your enviable lifestyle for too long, having such comprehensive reports on restaurants, accomodation and general experiences from a genuine and relatable source is...
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    VA have a problem. Could this partly solve it ?

    I think you should do some research on to what the definition of a recession actually is. If you're going to throw the term out there, at least convey that you have the slightest idea what it is or you sound ridiculous.
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    Platinum One experiences?

    That's interesting. Have flown the QF25/26 route three times since the start of 2018, first time was on a PE ticket with gold status landing an upgrade to J both ways so likely quite fortunate to have done so! Last two trips have just paid for J. Sat in the same couple of seats in the bubble...
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    3 Weeks in Spain (via Japan)

    Love Japan and am often thinking about Spain so will certainly be paying attention on this one!
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    South Africa Solo

    Thanks for confirming. Got basically three days around Vic Falls incl. one day on a trip to Chobe, so coming back a day earlier works out ok and am sure will be something around Joburg that will be a good way to spend the final day!
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    South Africa Solo

    May be a question best put in a separate section of the forum, but am currently looking at finishing up from Vic Falls on the morning of the 15th, flying back to JNB on BA landing at 3.35pm for the 7.55pm QF64 back to Sydney. It does make me a bit nervous knowing that each airline operating...
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    Tokyo - Pros and Cons

    Many of your negatives are so utterly in contrast to my experiences in this brilliant city (& country). But big differences in age, mobility, context etc so very much each to their own. If you find it difficult unless you've got cash and time to burn then am sure there would be places more...
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    QF Double Status Credits - Book by Feb [Now] 25, Travel Feb 25-Aug 31, 2019

    Thanks mate. Unfortunately have to change the dates pushing it back a month, will have to go back through the old emails to identify the specified period. Be nice if it all works out but not the end of the world if it doesn't - I'm just glad I booked it flexi!
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    QF Double Status Credits - Book by Feb [Now] 25, Travel Feb 25-Aug 31, 2019

    Last year I bought a fully flex domestic fare to Cairns during a DSC promotion period (early August IIRC). If I need to change the date of the flights, will this affect my eligibility? Wondering if anyone has encountered this dilemma before.
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    South Africa Solo

    Yeah pretty much this. I expect to be travelling a lot less for work in the next year with our next big project being locally based, so knowing that I will likely be tied up with that for the most part of the year (suspect there won't be many opportune moments to take a week or two at a time)...
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    South Africa Solo

    Have noticed a few have done Hwange, CHobe & Kruger. What I am looking at is a 7 day package taking in Hwnage, Chobe & Victoria Falls, perhaps something along the lines of: or...