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    Bankwest Transaction account [General Discussion]

    If you have something to say to someone, then say it to their face, and mention their username. It seems that you need to re-learn the lessons of your grandmothers - if you don't have anything nice to say, say nothing at all.
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    Amex Explorer 110,000 Points Using Referral Codes

    The T&C's of the Amex promotion don't allow referral codes to be posted on any website that is accessible by the public; codes are only intended to be shared with friends, family, and close associates. Anyone found posting referral codes in this way puts their MR account and points earned at...
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    Will Qantas Leave or be Told to Leave OneWorld ?

    Are you high? No seriously, can I have some of whatever you're taking. Firstly, I can find no decent, credible sources for your supposition. Secondly, every airline in the known universe has alliances with unaligned carriers. Thirdly, if there is any issues with the QF/EK alliance, it is...
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    Meet Royalty, PER in May [19th or 20th]

    Working on your kegels Emily? Lurking in the shadows. It's been quite a busy year.
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    Meet Royalty, PER in May [19th or 20th]

    Confirm me as attending.
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    loss of Qantas frequent flyer points

    Let me sing you the song of my people... *breaks out worlds smallest violin, with a Rolls Royce Trent 900 backing symphony* Having an Everyday Rewards membership and spending $31 in an 18 month would have saved you from losing this amount. As oft uttered around here, a loyalty program is not...
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    Qantas phone system

    In fairness, that box has been ticked on Sam's profile for a decade or so now.
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    Points posting delays since new website

    As red roo noted, 10-14 days is pretty much the standard for partner transactions - especially in the case of CX. CX only process their points ledgers every second week (odd weeks from memory), so flying in an even week means the points could be up to two weeks away. And whilst not getting...
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    A Full Day in Abu Dhabi - Lounges or Get outside?

    If you feel like really stretching the legs, would recommend hiring a car and driving out to Jebel Hafeet near Al Ain. The road there ain't going to be that interesting, but it's a case of the destination not the journey. From Wikipedia: The road up is pretty bloody spectacular, and the views...
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    attention red roo - resolution of award bookings ex bkk and china

    This topic has previously been discussed, but I can't put my finger on the threads. The short version, according to the roos and my recollection and despite any assertion from yourself to the contrary, is that this process and local rules require the CC presentation and there's nothing they can...
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    Qantas suppliers hit by $2bn cost cutting endeavour

    I honestly don't know where to begin with this one Pushka. Describing the comment as ignorant seems be a good place to begin. Corporates are sensitive to any changes on their websites, as they're they public faces of their brands. And big, wholesale changes are never smart as they annoy too...
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    New AMEX app version 2.0 just released on the App store

    No love for my card with the offers feature, an Amex Corporate Qantas.
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    Famous people seen (or even met) whilst flying or lounging

    Poh Ling Yeow (Masterchef, Poh's Kitchen), and Adriano Zumbo - QP PER (Upstairs). Has a whole ton of either chef mates or hangers on with her. And in news that surprises nobody, she was the last pax to board. Just had to page her in the lounge.
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    Has anyone had success with the call-up "Marginal" xASA's?

    re: Has anyone had success with the call-up method for "Marginal" xASA's? Had some success with this process myself today, and it seems the staff handling these bookings are getting to know how we work quite well :) Needed a one-way JASA P+P from PER to SYD close to Christmas to get my re-qual...
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    November 2013

    November 2013 compilation thread now published: