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    Rumour: US Customs preclearance for Sydney

    Oh, trust me, I don't think it is a good idea for SYD. I wouldn't want it. Admittedly...the USA is obligated by multiple treaties to allow me (back) in, and I have Global Entry (via NEXUS), so my perspective might be different than others :D.
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    Rumour: US Customs preclearance for Sydney

    Don't forget that MCT would be significantly reduced at the arrival airport in USA, facilitating shorter connections. At LAX, TBIT is directly connected to T4, so connections to AA would be easy enough. And at DFW, even easier at Terminal D. I believe AA has domestic-domestic MCT at DFW at 40...
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    Famous people seen (or even met) whilst flying or lounging

    Most private jets simply don't have the range for Australia-USA nonstop. Even fewer would for SYD-DFW. You're looking at needing a Gulfstream G650 for that range most likely, which not even that many people have. Even with billionaire money, there's still a waiting list for one.
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    Rumour: US Customs preclearance for Sydney

    For the help of others, here's a few in case you ever find yourself at Logan International Airport: Worcester: Wuss-tah Leicester: Less-tah Leominster: Lem-in-stah Scituate: Sit-chew-it Gloucester: Gloss-tah Billerica: Bill-rick-uh Qualifications for trusting me: Do you really think someone...
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    Rumour: US Customs preclearance for Sydney

    One major benefit of Preclearance is also that you arrive same as a domestic passenger would in USA. I can verify this happens, having flown YVR-DFW-BOS as an example; I did not have to reclear security at DFW and arrived the same had I arrived from any American origin airport. Preclearance...
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    Rumour: US Customs preclearance for Sydney

    It seems unlikely to me. The main reason it exists at AUH is because EY/UAE backed up the money truck to do it. In my sense, CBP overall wants to do it, as it is overall good for them from an enforcement standpoint, and has the great advantage of simplifying the process of declining entry to a...
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    QF2 LHR - PER in J - Zero Steps

    I did 6 hours once BOS-LAX without getting up from my seat. No way I could do 17 hours though :eek:.
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    Qantas orders six more 787s, plans to retire all 747s by 2020

    Looks like we all have only a few years left now to fly the Queen of the Skies with a kangaroo on the tail. I'm a shade surprised, as the 747-400ERs are not particularly old, but it appears even their time will come soon. QANTAS ORDERS MORE DREAMLINERS, SETS DATE TO FAREWELL JUMBOS - Qantas...
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    QF announce non-stop Perth-London B787 Services

    It's The Sun, what is to be expected? :rolleyes: I don't think I put it together when PER-LHR was announced that the entire flight will be in the dark :eek::eek::eek:. Sure, when I've flown USA-Australia with QF, it has commonly been in the Northern winter or late autumn, so the daylight is a...
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    CHC Domestic lounge access for international business passengers?

    I've done this before CHC-AKL-SIN, both legs operated by NZ and AKL-SIN in business, works just fine. Same ticket, have both boarding passes handy, and should be just fine.
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    AKL Dinner Sat March 9 2019

    Let it never be said you don't provide enough advance notice :D. With my luck a mistake fare will appear tomorrow...too early to book for March of next year :rolleyes: Also I'm getting all of my "On This Day" reminders from Facebook reminding me that the first of these wonderful events was...
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    The totally off-topic thread

    2/3rd majority in both houses and then 3/4ths of all states (38) must agree to pass a constitutional amendment. There are at least 13 states that would never accept a modification of the Second Amendment. So, trying to at this point in time is fruitless. You have a better chance of seeing...
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    What's on your 'Duck-it' list?

    This is basically my list. I have a separate list of places I'm in no real rush to go to, or places I've been that I'm not rushing to return to. As an example, I've been to all 50 US states. A number of them are safely skipped without missing much :D. I wouldn't mind going if invited, but I'm...
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    The totally off-topic thread

    Because enough of the people in the country here have decided to worship at the altar of the Second Amendment. There is nothing more sacred to these people, and any attempt to consider any level of gun control must be stopped at all costs. Once Sandy Hook happened, and nothing changed, the gun...
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    Inaugural AFF Cruise 25 - 29 Jan 2018

    I am sad I could not make it. Enjoy the ride everyone! Safe travels, good weather, and great enjoyment for all!