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    QF trials new "no tray" meal service in Economy Class

    It will be summer (or close to it) somewhere in the world all year round! Dave
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    [Confirmed Fixed - Maybe Not!] No LHR T5 Galleries access for QP before BA/QF flights

    Re: [QP mem] Refused access BA LHR T5 [Confirmed: no "Galleries" Access for QP] Why not, they have removed all the other benefits (priority baggage, business class check-in) - makes you wonder what you are actually getting for your $400+ per annum. Dave
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    Upgrades out of LHR......

    Bad example - in J you are already paying the higher level of APD, so no additional to be paid if upgraded to F. In Y, you are paying the lower level, so if upgraded then the difference between the lower and higher levels is owing to HM Customs and Excise. Dave
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    Upgrades out of LHR......

    Great, thanks. Dave
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    Upgrades out of LHR......

    Hi there, Just a quick query, What happens with a points upgrade out of LHR - I have one in a few weeks time requested. Reason I ask is that the APD is dependent on cabin class (not sure if it is cabin class flown or cabin class paid, which is why I am asking). If a points upgrade comes...
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    QF 738's - The Curtain Is Back!

    There are also some people who NEED a little bit of privacy, for whatever reason. I remember, back in 1992, when I lived in Melbourne, I was informed when I got to work by police that my father had died, just after 0900. I was on the 1100 flight to Sydney, and I have to say that I was a wreck...
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    Qantas Baggage Handling

    Actually, the rules are that the passenger cannot control the baggage being on a different flight to the passenger. If the passenger misses the flight, then bags are off-loaded. If the passenger wants the flight changed, bags are off-loaded. IF, however, a late inbound causes the passenger...
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    Those safety demonstrations

    Yeah, only once. :mrgreen: Dave
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    One way ticket with qantas

    Just make sure you phone them to cancel the return sector (after you have made the forward journey, that is) - doing so allows them to sell the seat again, and could possibly mean that (if the return flight is heavily booked) someone who would otherwise be unable to travel is able to do so. Dave
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    Qantas A380 report

    This is a normal feature of all aircraft - when on the ground, the fuselage is supported by the undercarriage, and the wings are providing zero lift, hence they sag down. When in the air, the wings are providing the lift, and the fuselage is supported by the wings. So it isn't that the wings...
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    worth asking Qantas for a refund?

    Some selective quoting there - CASA also said that Qantas standards are amongst the highest in the world, and that whilst they were currently performing below their own standards, this did not amount to a safety issue (at the moment). I see you have failed to address the points I made about...
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    Writing to Qantas Head Office & Customer 'Care'

    I sent an email to a fictitious media personality (it bounced, of course) and CC'd it to geoff DOT dixon AT qantas DOT com DOT au - and all of a suden I got a call from the executive relations team within 48 hours, and my issue was resolved to my complete satisfaction, I got better than I was...
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    Travelling for a Bankrupt Company

    All I can say is........ OOPS! Dave
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    worth asking Qantas for a refund?

    Don't forget that this entails around four sectors per day - so four take-offs and (hopefully! :mrgreen: ) four landings, entailing very short turnaround times. Flying trans-Pac will involve two sectors per day (MEL-AKL-LAX) with lengthy turnaround times at MEL and LAX, giving ample time for...
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    Bright days no lights, dark nights all lights?

    I believe that the cabin service on an aircraft (even on UA or AA) would be better than what you'd receive on a kayak. Dave