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    The future of Airlines and their alliances

    The pressurisation - depressurisation cycle is the determining factor in airframe lifespan, not take offs and landings per se. Of course, they usually match up 1:1, so take offs - landings is a proxy measure.
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    Discussion/Q&A on Best QF Status Run Options

    This comes to $3.15/sc (not $2.15). CBR-MEL-SYD-DPS is a better earner.
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    asiana SYD-ICN - $2,654 J RT

    That's an amazing price, thanks for posting :)
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    OZ to NZ Y, J & F Emirates

    Valid for travel between 11 May – 21 Nov Looks like Qantas have matched these prices, e.g. MEL-AKL QF codeshare on EK metal in F for $1079 :)
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    AA/JL First Class (F) from ICN (Seoul) to NYC - AUD$3800 return

    Yep, KRW 1,099,500 is the price for economy (return) not business. Oh well :-|
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    AA/JL First Class (F) from ICN (Seoul) to NYC - AUD$3800 return

    Yep, country is set to Korea, but is still pricing at over 2,200,000 KRW for me (over $2500 AUD) :evil: Just checking, but you do realise that shows prices for the outbound and inbound sectors separately, i.e. the price displayed at the top of your search results (1,099,500 KRW or...
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    AA/JL First Class (F) from ICN (Seoul) to NYC - AUD$3800 return

    Where have you been able to price it for only AUD $1290? (and everywhere else I've tried... all the usual suspects) are all coming in at AUD $2500+ :-|
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    Qantas Gift Vouchers Promotion 5 points per dollar December 2016

    Yes...and so do hundreds of other airlines. What's your point?:confused:
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    LHR-MEL in J for $1888 return on Air China

    Am still getting the same error message that flightobserver mentioned above; "Departure date is too early." BUT, it's not actually possible to change the departure date (all dates aside from 8 Dec are "greyed out"). So can't book the fare. What's going on CA? :-|
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    Tigerair "Saturday Flight Fever"

    Tigerair Australia is not being rebranded. It's 100% owned by Virgin Australia, not SQ. So your confusion might continue? :confused:
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    Domestic flights for $9

    Unfortunately all the $9 fares ex MEL have already sold out :( I didn't check availability from other ports, so perhaps there is still hope for other people looking to grab a bargain :mrgreen:
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    Amex $150 off $300 Spend by 31Jan2017

    Makes no difference, as the cash back promotion only applies to properties in Australia.
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    SYD to SIN $386 return Singapore Airlines

    Beijing is $290 or so from Melbourne. VA and SQ are going to be quite a bit out of pocket if they honour these... ;)
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    SYD to SIN $386 return Singapore Airlines

    Similar pricing to MAA ($380 through the Virgin website).
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    Hilton Noumea

    I was there a few weeks ago. Booked the cheapest room type, was upgraded to a 1 bedroom apartment (am HH Gold) which was great. Staff were very friendly and helpful. The restaurant is OK, but there are better dining options elsewhere.