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    Al Safwa First Class Lounge - Arrival access

    My wife and I did PER-DOH in F and onwards to BRU in J last April (on QF points) and as mentioned above no issues at all getting in to Al Safwa. Shame we only had a couple of hours transit. Whilst being huge and quite sparse in places, in terms of food and drink offerings, service and amenities...
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    Cant find 2 x J OZ to DOH

    My wife and I did PER>DOH in F last April and without a doubt it was a great use of QF points (IMHO). Sitting across a "table" from my wife having dinner and sipping on some good wines at 35,000 was something special. Also ensure you make use of the Al Safwa lounge at DOH which you will be able...
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    Virgin Australia - Cutbacks [on A330 Coast to Coast]

    This hasn't just started. As early as June 2016 VA started moving the A330's off the Perth to/from East Coast flights that I usually take. Some of these are the good ole "red eye" out of Perth and whilst the A330 J seat is far better than the QF J A330 seat in my opinion to sleep on that's...
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    Holiday Inn Express - Clarke Quay

    I haven't stayed there but my wife has and she was full of praise for it.
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    What's your taxi experience lately?

    I was a committed taxi user until about 18 months ago. Then one night I got a cab from Perth Domestic to home (about 10-12 minutes away) and the guy didn't know his way out of the airport! He wanted to go the way he knew which would have resulted in at least double the usual fare. I decided to...
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    Qantas doesn't care about priority boarding

    Whilst I realise that this occurred before the new changes as it was at 23:30 WST on the 24th October but I witnessed Qantas put a new spin on boarding through two doors on an A330. QF652 PER>BNE. No announcement regards boarding but they had opened the glass doors and had staff at the gate it...
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    Unfair bag damage compensation

    I sure ain't no lawyer but doesn't the line "limited to the actual loss suffered by you" suggest that a repair to the condition it was before it got damaged, whatever it costs is what should happen! Or to put it another way. Previously it was $400+ suitcase, now it is useless. The actual loss is...
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    So, about this "wider acceptance" thing...

    I tend to agree. I have noticed no difference at all lately. I do have a range of places where I user the AMEX all the time and have had no problems. Some have a surcharge, some don't. And then you get the oddities like Aealia duty free at Cairns Intl where AMEX has no surcharge but Visa etc...
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    Unfair bag damage compensation

    I too have had my fair share of baggage mishaps. The most recent was a broken and lost wheel and a missing TSA lock. on a hard shell Samsonite. The TSA lock was interesting as I assumed that it had just "popped out". When I took it for repair they said is was most definitely an attempt to break...
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    Amex Travel Gouge

    Same. recently used my two travel credits. One PER>BNE>POM and the other return POM>BNE>PER in QF Y for my wife. I don't recall the exact difference but it was only around $50-60 each way. Total spend for the round trip was about $120.
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    QF Fokker 100 - not a terrible plane at all!

    And for Virgin between Brisbane and PNG. And whilst I agree that the F70/F100 are not bad aircraft to fly on if I have the choice between a nearly 30 year old F100 or a 5 year old QF B737-800 I will always go with the later......
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    Qantas Chauffeur Service

    Yes, they did for me. I had my Australian mobile on roaming and they called that number. I think they called a day or two before our flight. They were very good and asked how much luggage we had (we had a lot - big shopping!) so organised an E Class Estate to get us from central London to LHR.
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    Beware Melbourne Taxis skimming credit cards

    I am 99.9% certain my AMEX Plat Charge was skimmed by a taxi at Perth International some years ago. I never let the card out of my sight and am very fastidious where and how I use it. The method I believe he used was when we got to my destination he reached down to the side of the transmission...
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    Time for Qantas Finally to Dump Neil Perry? Rockpool Engaged in Massive Wage Theft (alleged)

    Here you are sir, here is your Neil Perry inspired baked beans...............
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    Qantas we need you [to service Cairns Internationally]

    And what is wrong with going PX to HKG through Port Moresby? You get to experience 28 year old 767's and the tropical paradise of Jackson's International airport on your way............. 😆