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    I am "almost" completely fed up with Qantas, whats it like on the "Dark side" ?

    I made the opposite change a couple of years ago from VA and back to QF. The main reason being that on the transcon flights that I generally take the aircraft changed from A330 to B737. QF had A330's on "my" flights and still do. I should add that all my flights are in J and having a lay flat...
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    List of Businesses that accept Amex

    Most KFC and Macca's accept 😆
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    Transiting at BNE

    I am a bit confused by that statement! I go through BNE Intl coming from BNE Dom every 4-5 weeks. The bus from domestic will drop you outside the departures floor. You just need to look for the big yellow square thing that says "DEPARTURES". Go down the escalator, through security, through...
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    Financial Review - suggestion needed.

    I have never heard of that one either and I have held the platinum charge since 2003. If AMEX decided to do it to me I would save both them and me a lot of hassle and close the account immediately. If my unblemished payment history on total charges of over 1.1mil isn't good enough I will go...
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    Window shades

    I am a window seat traveller for all the good and obvious reasons! I like to look out the window when I am flying! I am not fanatical about it and sometimes if the sun is blazing in and/or I want to watch something on the IFE I will close it. Only a few times have I been asked to close the...
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    A380 Row 15 (A/B)

    My wife and I flew QF2 LHR-SIN in 15A and B earlier this year. I do not recall it showing as "extra leg room" when I booked it but I may be wrong. Seat was OK. Nice having nobody in front I guess. It's fairly spacious in there.
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    SMS Login Verification - Argh

    Very good point Pleb_Status! I am almost certainly going to give Telstra the flick in a couple of months when the contract is out. I did it to VA a few years ago and I couldn't contemplate going back! Getting a bit off topic. I still believe they could have thought this through a bit more and...
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    SMS Login Verification - Argh

    Never had that issue but I mostly use AMEX.
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    SMS Login Verification - Argh

    I understand that but the Telstra overseas day pass is $10 a day once you hook in to an overseas network whether you do something or do nothing. When I travel to countries other than PNG I am happy with that for the convenience. Not happy to pay, say, $350 for a five week trip. Or $10 just to...
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    SMS Login Verification - Argh

    Well, yes I am captive to that "fruit company"! But even a dual sim phone wouldn't really fix the issue would it? If QF had my AUS mobile for the MFA SMS and I was in PNG I would have to have the AUS (Telstra) connection active to receive it wouldn't I? That's $10 a day for roaming or $10 just...
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    SMS Login Verification - Argh

    Here is my 10c worth on this matter and maybe someone at Qantas with a bit of influence or common sense actually reads it. I live in Perth. I travel regularly to Port Moresby on Business. My trips to PNG are usually 4-6 weeks in duration. I have an AUS mobile and a PNG mobile. Simple reason for...
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    Virgin Australia going back to "its roots" ?

    I totally agree. In my instance I make 10-12 flights PER>BNE>POM return per year in J. VA was always A330 between Perth <> Brisbane, it's now B737. BNE<>POM was B737, now it is an Alliance F100. I agree that the VA Business product (at least on the A330) is far better than QF A330 in...
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    Virgin Australia going back to "its roots" ?

    If they are going to back "to their roots" well good on them! It just confirms what I have been saying for a couple of years. VA is an airline with an identity crisis. After being VA Platinum for over 5 years and seeing declining service, A330's taken off East-West, deterioration of lounge...
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    Guest passes being sold for LHR lounge

    I couldn't agree more!
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    Oh dear.....23 passengers (4 of them in Business)

    It will be interesting to see how VA are going now on the POM - BNE route with the change from VA B737 to Alliance F100. I fly this route regularly and changed to QF around 18 months ago for a variety of reasons. The QF flights almost always seem to have high loadings, especially into POM on...